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I have around 6 years of experience (as on 2011) in watching the decline of importance of Lord Shiva (in the world of Internet). May be this unfortunate condition prevailed earlier to that also, but those days I wasn’t learned in scriptures. Every now and then there would be someone seen bashing devotees of lord Shiva and passing insulting remarks on lord Shiva! I don’t know how can people be so blind and do not see Lord Shiva’s greatness even when Vedas, Upanishads, Mahabharata clearly state that lord Shiva is Parabrahman, the Purusha, the Greatest truth, and the Ultimate reality? I don’t know why the fellow human beings of the same religion called Hinduism see their counterparts as enemies. Hinduism’s most commonly read scriptures are Bhagwad Gita, Ramayana and Mahabharata which all outwardly revolve around the pastimes of Lord Vishnu. So, it is obvious for the learners to become an ardent fan/devotee of Lord Vishnu and his incarnations. However the same epics too talk great about that Mahadeva, and further, scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads and other sacred works which contain Lord Shiva’s glories are usually not easily available to the masses (because most of the Hindus do not come out of their comfort zone of hearing abridged versions of scriptures especially Puranic stories). That’s the reason we find Shiva devotees in lesser number, and pathetically a large segment of people who call themselves as devotees of Shiva, remain blissful in just discussing “How many faced Rudraksha bead would bring what kind of prosperity!”. But somewhere few fortunate souls get themselves moved on the path of serious devotion for Shiva, but unfortunately due to lack of scriptural backup they remain dumbstruck when Vaishnavas bash them with fake scriptural references.
In many social networking websites, and internet forums like (now this site is no more) I observed that either Shiva devotees run out of references and get defeated, or they remain unaffected with any such debates since most of the Shaivites nowadays follow Non-Dualism (they don’t see differences in all forms of Gods) or mostly they remain active in chanting “namah shivaya” kind of threads. And pathetic thing that is observed is that the Vaishnavas do a group-attack on a single and lonely Shiva devotee, hence smashing him/her to death. Why such injustice?Adi Shankara had established 6 sects (Shanmatha Sthapana) viz.  Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Shaktism, Koumaram, Ganapatyam, Souram. And it gives enough freedom for everyone to accept any of these 6 paths to reach the one Paramatma. But today it looks like almost all these paths are erased and only one sect that thrives is Vaishnavism. In internet we do not have ample no. of  websites / blogs that focus on Lord Shiva. But on the other hand we have uncountable sites / blogs that support Vaishnavism by belittling Mahadeva in parallel.



As a solution to the problem statement described in the previous section, this blog of mine is solely dedicated to Lord Shiva and his devotees. May be somewhere some Shiva devotee whose wounds (caused by Vaishnavas’ hurtful comments) are still not covered up, would come across this blog someday and feel relaxed a bit. I would request all the devotees of Shiva not to underestimate Lord Shiva (under the influence of stupid talks of Shiva-haters) or get hurt in any way.  Lord Shiva is a great god. Follow him scaling all obstacles that are created in your path, and reach him as your final destination.
[Personally I am a devotee of all Gods including Vishnu and his incarnations, I consider Trinity-Trishakti as my own parents (I call myself as “trimAtA-putra”), but still, at anytime, even in my dreams, I can not tolerate Shiva being shown as inferior. My other blogs contain posts that glorify Lord Vishnu’s pastimes also, and a person who would have read them would understand my love for Vishnu-Lakshmi. However, i strictly want to adhere to Lord Shiva and Shiva-Tatwam in this blog hence here nowhere one can find anything other than Lord Shiva’s glories!]

A Note of Caution to the Readers

This blog and its contents are all my views and do not represent Shaivism and Shaiva Acharyas’ views. I do NOT belong to any traditional Shaiva school of thought; I am just a plain Hindu. So, any criticism which may arise on my articles, is not expected to belong to entire Shaiva community. So, traditional Shaivas (of all schools) may feel jubilant in my victories if they feel like, but I make it clear here that they need not take my (or my work’s) criticism on their entire Shaiva community and feel humiliated. On similar lines it is expected with other sects of Hinduism not to frame negative impression on Shaiva schools or Shaivism in general based on my works. In summary – for whatever good or bad I (the author) am the one solely responsible for all my actions!


This blog is for educational purposes only. It’s sole aim is to try its best to contradict and erase the FALSE propaganda whatever is prevalent about Lord Shiva (e.g. demi-god, Goloka’s gatekeeper, greatest Vaishnava, Tamasik etc.). And more important than that it’s aim is to become a medicine for those devotees of Shiva who have been hurt by the poisonous arrows (read hurtful comments) of Shiva-haters. But in any case, I DO NOT encourage people to take this blog as a “source / pool” for debate material, invite Shiva-haters to a fight in forums and use this content as ammunition for counter attacks. One thing that I can advise is, debates with them is useless, it’s a total wastage of your time. As one of my friend says – “Debates produce a lot of heat, but no light” – very true words indeed! Therefore focus only on your personal learning, develop your spiritual knowledge, set your objectives and goals for liberation, and work upon them with proper focus. Leave the unintelligent fellows (who malign Shiva) in their own cocoon of ignorance and Maya; but pray to God for their betterment also; since, after all, it is “vasudhaiva kutumbakam (entire earth is one family)”, and somewhere remotely they all are our relatives.


When ‘puruśa prayatnaṁ’ is gifted with ‘bhagawad anugrahaṁ’ there some revolutionary things happen. If Mahadeva wills and his grace,continues to exist with me, I, through my articles, would try my best to erase the three demons viz. ‘śiva-nindā’, ‘śiva-dvēśa’ and ‘ajnānaṁ’ as like as my father Tripurāri had destroyed the three demoniac sons of Tārakāsura. This is easier said than done, but I firmly believe in the adage – “yad bhāvaṁ tad bhavati” which could be mapped to the English saying, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way!’. Action should speak louder than words, hence it’s the right place to put a stop to the Mission statement.
Lastly, please read the blogger’s footer for “Terms and Conditions” related details on Copyrights, Sharing / Copying related policies in detail.

|| Śiva ēva gatir mama || gatistvaṁ gatistvaṁ tvamēkā Bhavānī ||


  1. Balaji

    I am pained to see your Vision and Mission.


    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (Post author)

      Hmmm! People do not get pained to see the anti-shiva missions and visions which have been running for centuries now from the beginning of kaliyuga. And strangely people feel pained to see my vision and mission only because I have tried to raise my voice against the shiva-ninda, and shiva-nindakas?

      Actually I should be pained to see such comments from readers. My philosophy is simple – “If you can do something to bring a change in the existing bad state of affairs, go ahead and contribute. If not capable to do so, then be a bystander and let them do who are capable to bring change”.

      Anyway, alright, I am sorry if it pained you. However, the only remedy as a friend I can suggest is not to read my articles. This is the best I can help.


      1. Utkarsh

        Sir people like you are less in no’s.Who see the supreme idea of santan dharma in the ages of kaliyuga.some short sighted people ISKCON have misinterpreted the gita as well as other scriptures.Using the word demigod stdikes the heart of santan dharma. Keep up the good work sir. I believe that shjva and vishnu are same bug people find it hard to understand being a cse student i hav no time to analyse the vedas and puranas. This was the blog which was expressing the inner voice of mine. Thankyou sir may you get victory in your selfless beneficial vision

        1. Pankaj das

          i m just crying

  2. Kaumaaram

    @Balaji: I am not pained when there is no hatred towards either Shiva or Vishnu and you treat both as one. I am pained to see a Vaishnavite blogspot spewing hatred and venom on non-Vaishnavities, their spiritual heads and every other literature. I am distressed to note that their knowledge is being used for wrong purposes and interpretation – just to spread the hatred. They have not spared even the Mahaperiyavaa of Kanchi Mutt.

  3. Sundar

    Shiva Bhaktha,
    Shaivaites, Vaishnavites,
    Sunnis, Shiates Muslims,
    There are religious wars growing.
    Added to these is Internet and availability of others point of views online. In Gayatri sandhya vandanam, a sloka “Shivaya Vishnu rupaaya, Shiva rupaaya vishnave..”.
    It says people accrue sin if they see any bhedam between Shiva and Vishnu. Linga puranam clearly says Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are one and the same. The Avatar of kali age, Sathya Sai himself performed Ati rudra maha yagnam. Look at Kashmir Saivism, Siva sutras, is Lord Shiva portrayed as yoga guru? Shiva is adored by all bhutha ganas, humans, gods, demons, animals.. He is bhola nath. Read the book dancing with Shiva.. Shiva tatva is an aspect of that one God that we all are praying. So, just because some one is critisizing Shiva, nothing happens to Shiva tatva. All Nayanars are not even Brahmins and why pride on vaishnava acharas? Pure heart is what required. There is no decline in Shiva bhakthas, infact Sri Rudram is still number one favourate of many people worldwide. So, please take it easy and focus on individual sadhana.

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (Post author)

      I wish all hindus had Your kind of large heartedness and accomodative nature!

      There was a Daksha who was criticizing maheshwara, did Sati ignore his words thinking “nothing happens to shiva tatwa”??
      why did she gave up her life as a punishment of having listened to shiva ninda? In same shiva purana parvati says “shiva ninda should never be listened to. If you can stop that do your job if you cannot then you should immediately walk away”. Why didnt she say “just ignore as it is never going to affect shiva tatwa”?
      Also atharva veda says one should never do minda of rudra from one’s mouth.

      Even shiva purana says brahma vishnu and RUDRA are one and are the forms of SHIVA. This shiva is the one who is the fourth (turiya).

      Sri Rudram is surely no. 1 hymn but there are people who say it is a hymn to narayana and not to shiva. 🙂

      So till shiva tatwam is not understood by all taking things easy and turning a deaf ear to shiva dwesha is practically impossible.

      1. Sundar

        I think, Hindus need to look in to start following Monotheism.

        Monotheism is the belief in a single all-powerful god, as opposed to religions that believe in multiple gods. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are widely practiced forms of monotheism.

        As far as Indian Gods are concerned, the inferiority or superiority of Gods is something the humans have attached based on the attributes that were given to a God. Shiva’s attributes are portrayed as something not descent such as, destroyer, fierce forms, tamo guna, grave yards, death and destruction, tantric rituals etc. So, people are too cautious to follow such God. People just go to Shiva temples, do abhishekam, sing bhajans etc, but not many people are familiar with various schools of Saivism, philosophy and practices. Given a choice between Shiva and Vishnu, people would perhaps choose Vishnu. Vishnu is more appealing by his attributes and have a wife “Lakshmi” in which people are mostly interested these days. Shiva is looked upon as the giver of “Ash” due to lack of understanding.

        Thanks to Shiva, I have not come across Shiva haters so far in physical form or internet form. So, I have my own devotion to Shiva. I also pray to Vishnu. Finally I like the following sayings of Sri Sathya Sai.

        There is only one religion, the religion of Love

        There is only one language, the language of heart

        There is only one caste, the caste of humanity

        There is only one GOD, HE is omnipresent.

        1. Kanagaraj Easwaran

          Sundarji first you have understand What monotheism is? You should know also how many Civilizations, cultures, artifacts, crores of people destroyed by the monotheists and their proponents. Let us remain as it is Hindus. Not a kind of kichadi but as Saiva(Not one sampradaya but we have Six surviving), Vaishnava, Saktha, Smarta etc. Let us follow our different modes worship. We should never try to become like the predatory monotheists. Hara Hara Mahadeva

      2. Sundar

        For your attention, Ati Rudra Yagnam is performed in Badrinath, the abode of Vishnu. Please refer to following website:

        I can see the change is coming in Indian Vishnu establishments.

      3. sohini

        Totally agree with you santoshji.
        These following words of yours are just awesome, no wrong should ever be endured and just ignored, voice must be raised.

        “There was a Daksha who was criticizing maheshwara, did Sati ignore his words thinking “nothing happens to shiva tatwa”??
        why did she gave up her life as a punishment of having listened to shiva ninda? In same shiva purana parvati says “shiva ninda should never be listened to. If you can stop that do your job if you cannot then you should immediately walk away”. Why didnt she say “just ignore as it is never going to affect shiva tatwa”?

    2. sohini

      very true, a true devotee never stops worshiping her/his god. Only chicken hearted people and “NON SEEKERS OF KNOWLEDGE “can be manipulated. There IS not and WILL BE no insufficiency in the number of shiv devootes.
      har har mahadev 🙂

  4. prashant singh

    Lord Shiva is the greatest of all. Even demons become saints just by listening to my beloved Shiva’s name. I think no matter whom you worship, as all water of rain ultimately goes into Ocean, All the prayers in any form and in any religion goes to the divine feet of lord Shiva. So just get lost in the divine love of Shiva. Love Shiva, Live Shiva and nothing else matters in the world. I think Shivaism is at tremendous rise in recent years and I myself became his servant, lover, follower, Bhakt and impeachable devotee in recent years. At-least consciously. Its absolute pleasure which can not be described in words. It just can be experienced and loved.Lots of love to you my brother.
    Har Har Mahadeva.

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      It’s so beautiful and pleasant to read your experience and your description about Shiva. 🙂 Thank you for all the affectionate words my brother!
      May our father Shiva and mother Uma bless you.

  5. To all Śāktas, Śaivas, Advaitins and other monists, remember always that lions don’t lose their sleep over the opinions of the sheep.
    Bhāgavatas by default harbour pathological hatred towards Ādyāśakti and Mahādeva, and manage to manipulate the naive general masses in the favour of the lies they propagate. Know that Bhāgavatas are not sheep, but wolves in disguise of sheep.
    As lions of Śrī Durgā, it is our duty to strike down these wolves for the sake of truth. Hence, oh valiant lions, come out of your caves and redeem the sheep from the clutches of wolves. Take the example of Mahāsińha, the Vāhana of Caņđikā; like this incarnation of Vişņu seeved Mahişamardinī by smiting Cāmarāsura, smite those wolves in sheep’s guise. Break their backbone-their unity; and remember always, that a hundred wolves can kill a lion by ganging up, but they can never turn a lion into a wolf.

    Be the lion of Durgā; She demands the heads of more Cāmaras.

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      We should rather do tapasya so that the Durga herself enters the battle field and drives all the enemies away permanently. 😊

        1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

          “yA sA bhagavatI durgA bhaktadurgatihAriNI” – “She is Bhagavati Durga who withdraws ‘durgati (misfortune)’ of the devotees”. (vide Skanda Purana)

          1. True. Durga is verily the redeemer of those in distress:

            “अनाथस्य दीनस्य तृष्णातुरस्य क्षुधार्तस्य भीतस्य बद्धस्य जन्तोः ।
            त्वमेका गतिर्देवि निस्तारकर्त्री नमस्ते जगत्तारिणि त्राहि दुर्गे ॥”

            However, Durga is everything that exists, be it temporary, be it permanent:

            “नमस्ते शरण्ये शिवे सानुकम्पे नमस्ते जगद्व्यापिके विश्वरूपे ।
            नमस्ते जगद्वन्द्यपादारविन्दे नमस्ते जगत्तारिणि त्राहि दुर्गे ॥”

            Durga is Jagadvyapika Vishvarupini i.e. She pervades the universe which is but a part of Her. Durga is Mahishasuramardini, Mahishasura, The Great Lion and also Chamarasura. Durga is Kaulas, Shaivas, Vedantins and also Bhagavatas. Durga is monist as well as dualist; so both the clashing parties are Durga Herself.
            It is Durga who in my form appeals to all monists to become lions, it is Durga who in your form appeals to Durga to remove Avidya of dualists; it is Durga who has come in the form of an enemy, and again it is Durga who will fight against them.
            Assuming the form of Mahasarasvati, Durga flows through our pen, desirous of eliminating the Avidya, that is again Her own form. What to speak more, everything is Durga’s Lila!

          2. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

            Spell-bounding! No words! Only _/|\_

  6. Subhasis Dey

    Let me convey my heartiest compliments and best wishes on the eve of auspicious ‘Shiv Ratri ‘. May our divine Parent Uma-Maheswara keep revealing Their True-Selves through your gracious writing. Looking eagerly for a new Article from your end on this solemn occasion.

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      Thank you and wish you too a very happy Shiva ratri.

  7. Mahesh

    Many thoughts came to my mind to write lengthy articles to prove Shiva is Supreme. But it is already written in Vedas, Upanishads & Puranas. So I keep remembering


  8. john zamora

    my Dear friend congratulations for your beatifull intention to defend the good name of lord shiva .In fact i can tell you that i belong to hare krsihna movemente for 30 years.Once i was in much despair because i was not alowed to como into hare krishna temple.So i prayed and ask lord shiva to protect me and he did i rememeber this happened many years ago so i quit chanting hare krishna and i stardet chanting om nama shivaya and i felt the protection of the lord and i was so amazed on how this chanting filled me with an internal joy i had never felt before.Unfortunately i could come to hare krishna temple again and i left behind this om nama shivaya mantra but even thou more then 20 years have passed i never forgot how lord shiva had ´protected i have decided o exclusively dedicate my self to the chanting of om nama shivaya i hope lord shiva takes me to the proper guru.I am leaving ther hare krishna movement because thre is much information i dont agree with .for example they say they respect lord shiva but they consider him only a demigod but after reading shiva gita and ishvara gita the only conclusion i have is that lod shiva is parabraman.hey also say that lord krishna is the origin of all incarnations ect ect ect and many other things you might already know.They say that adwaiti philosofy of sankaracharya was an invention but yoga vasistha,shiva gita and many other scriptures expose adwaita philosofy the say sankarachary came to mislead ´people and things like that.i hope and wish you the best and lord shiva in sure will protect you always,your servant john zamora from namo shivaya.

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. Well, you are my equal, please leave that ‘servant’ role outside as like as we leave shoes outside while entering temple. 🙂

  9. Subhasis Dey

    May our celestial Lord who resides in the heart of all of us and is our beloved Father shower His divine blessing on you for ever. HAPPY SIVARATRI !

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      Thanks and wish you the same. 🙂

  10. annesolka

    Thank you! I have had my personal experiences with Lord Shiva and have grown to love Him deeply. He in turn helps me to step beyond the world of judgement and look at life (and myself) with detachment, respect, Love and. compassion. I have no religious background and believe in One God who manifests in different forms (so that each and every human being can find a way to connect with Him/Her). When I discovered Hinduism I found my Love for Mother Kali and was drawn to Vishnu and Krishna (even though the very name “Rudra” made my heart quiver whenever I heard it). Only in recent years Shiva has entered my life – as did Rudra and Agni (who appear to me as the same God) – and they were often accompanied by a beautiful Goddess – who I discovered to be Tripura Sundari. It was very interesting to read your articles on the Narayana Shukta and Tripura Sundari, which answered a few open questions.
    To me Vishnu and Shiva are two sides of the same coin, two aspects of the One God. Yet I feel Shiva has a special significance in the time we live in, and that it is Shiva who is the ruler of our time, because it is a time of transformation and seeking Truth.

    Thank you for devoting your time and effort in service of this beautiful God.

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      Thank you.


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