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Vision Behind this Blog


I have around 6 years of experience (as on 2011) in watching the decline of importance of Lord Shiva (in the world of Internet). May be this unfortunate condition prevailed earlier to that also, but those days I wasn’t learned in scriptures. Every now and then there would be someone seen bashing devotees of lord Shiva and passing insulting remarks on lord Shiva! I don’t know how can people be so blind and do not see Lord Shiva’s greatness even when Vedas, Upanishads, Mahabharata clearly state that lord Shiva is Parabrahman, the Purusha, the Greatest truth, and the Ultimate reality? I don’t know why the fellow human beings of the same religion called Hinduism see their counterparts as enemies. Hinduism’s most commonly read scriptures are Bhagwad Gita, Ramayana and Mahabharata which all outwardly revolve around the pastimes of Lord Vishnu. So, it is obvious for the learners to become an ardent fan/devotee of Lord Vishnu and his incarnations. However the same epics too talk great about that Mahadeva, and further, scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads and other sacred works which contain Lord Shiva’s glories are usually not easily available to the masses (because most of the Hindus do not come out of their comfort zone of hearing abridged versions of scriptures especially Puranic stories). That’s the reason we find Shiva devotees in lesser number, and pathetically a large segment of people who call themselves as devotees of Shiva, remain blissful in just discussing “How many faced Rudraksha bead would bring what kind of prosperity!”. But somewhere few fortunate souls get themselves moved on the path of serious devotion for Shiva, but unfortunately due to lack of scriptural backup they remain dumbstruck when Vaishnavas bash them with fake scriptural references.In many social networking websites, and internet forums like Orkut.com (now this site is no more) I observed that either Shiva devotees run out of references and get defeated, or they remain unaffected with any such debates since most of the Shaivites nowadays follow Non-Dualism (they don’t see differences in all forms of Gods) or mostly they remain active in chanting “namah shivaya” kind of threads. And pathetic thing that is observed is that the Vaishnavas do a group-attack on a single and lonely Shiva devotee, hence smashing him/her to death. Why such injustice?Adi Shankara had established 6 sects (Shanmatha Sthapana) viz.  Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Shaktism, Koumaram, Ganapatyam, Souram. And it gives enough freedom for everyone to accept any of these 6 paths to reach the one Paramatma. But today it looks like almost all these paths are erased and only one sect that thrives is Vaishnavism. In internet we do not have ample no. of  websites / blogs that focus on Lord Shiva. But on the other hand we have uncountable sites / blogs that support Vaishnavism by belittling Mahadeva in parallel.



As a solution to the problem statement described in the previous section, this blog of mine is solely dedicated to Lord Shiva and his devotees. May be somewhere some Shiva devotee whose wounds (caused by Vaishnavas’ hurtful comments) are still not covered up, would come across this blog someday and feel relaxed a bit. I would request all the devotees of Shiva not to underestimate Lord Shiva (under the influence of stupid talks of Shiva-haters) or get hurt in any way.  Lord Shiva is a great god. Follow him scaling all obstacles that are created in your path, and reach him as your final destination.

[Personally I am a devotee of all Gods including Vishnu and his incarnations, I consider Trinity-Trishakti as my own parents (I call myself as “trimAtA-putra”), but still, at anytime, even in my dreams, I can not tolerate Shiva being shown as inferior. My other blogs contain posts that glorify Lord Vishnu’s pastimes also, and a person who would have read them would understand my love for Vishnu-Lakshmi. However, i strictly want to adhere to Lord Shiva and Shiva-Tatwam in this blog hence here nowhere one can find anything other than Lord Shiva’s glories!]

A Note of Caution to the Readers

This blog and its contents are all my views and do not represent Shaivism and Shaiva Acharyas’ views. I do NOT belong to any traditional Shaiva school of thought; I am just a plain Hindu. So, any criticism which may arise on my articles, is not expected to belong to entire Shaiva community. So, traditional Shaivas (of all schools) may feel jubilant in my victories if they feel like, but I make it clear here that they need not take my (or my work’s) criticism on their entire Shaiva community and feel humiliated. On similar lines it is expected with other sects of Hinduism not to frame negative impression on Shaiva schools or Shaivism in general based on my works. In summary – for whatever good or bad I (the author) am the one solely responsible for all my actions!


This blog is for educational purposes only. It’s sole aim is to try its best to contradict and erase the FALSE propaganda whatever is prevalent about Lord Shiva (e.g. demi-god, Goloka’s gatekeeper, greatest Vaishnava, Tamasik etc.). And more important than that it’s aim is to become a medicine for those devotees of Shiva who have been hurt by the poisonous arrows (read hurtful comments) of Shiva-haters. But in any case, I DO NOT encourage people to take this blog as a “source / pool” for debate material, invite Shiva-haters to a fight in forums and use this content as ammunition for counter attacks. One thing that I can advise is, debates with them is useless, it’s a total wastage of your time. As one of my friend says – “Debates produce a lot of heat, but no light” – very true words indeed! Therefore focus only on your personal learning, develop your spiritual knowledge, set your objectives and goals for liberation, and work upon them with proper focus. Leave the unintelligent fellows (who malign Shiva) in their own cocoon of ignorance and Maya; but pray to God for their betterment also; since, after all, it is “vasudhaiva kutumbakam (entire earth is one family)”, and somewhere remotely they all are our relatives.


When ‘puruśa prayatnaṁ’ is gifted with ‘bhagawad anugrahaṁ’ there some revolutionary things happen. If Mahadeva wills and his grace,continues to exist with me, I, through my articles, would try my best to erase the three demons viz. ‘śiva-nindā’, ‘śiva-dvēśa’ and ‘ajnānaṁ’ as like as my father Tripurāri had destroyed the three demoniac sons of Tārakāsura. This is easier said than done, but I firmly believe in the adage – “yad bhāvaṁ tad bhavati” which could be mapped to the English saying, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way!’. Action should speak louder than words, hence it’s the right place to put a stop to the Mission statement.Lastly, please read the blogger’s footer for “Terms and Conditions” related details on Copyrights, Sharing / Copying related policies in detail.

|| Śiva ēva gatir mama || gatistvaṁ gatistvaṁ tvamēkā Bhavānī ||