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Sites I Recommend!

Why Am I promoting Others' Websites?

My endeavor is to provide you, the spiritual aspirants, with the finest information available on the net. Internet is so vast that we may not have accessed many of the finest works by fellow Hindus, and we can grow together in our common objective of self-realization only through sharing knowledge.

Therefore I would like to list down all the greatest blogs or website that i have seen so far. You might already be knowing them, and it might so happen that my knowledge might be recent, however for the new-comers into the field of spirituality, who might be searching for vital spiritual information newly; for such freshers, it might be helpful.

With this humble though, I'm listing below all the greatest works I have come across so far. The contents are classified as per the genre they belong to. Happy reading! :-)

 Best Shaivite Blogs

1. Satyam Shivam Advaitam (http://hara-hara-mahadev.blogspot.com)

My Rating: Super-Excellent
Testimonial: This is the BEST Shaivite blog one would have ever seen in one's lifetime. This is my friend's blog (unfortunately he has become inactive and not posting any more for the past couple of years). In fact the author of this blog is more than a friend to me, that author is my guru, my god, my Atman (my very own self). If i ever get a chance to meet that author in person, i would probably fall on that person's feet. My prostrations on the lotus feet of this friend's parents who gave birth to such a knowledgeable friend of mine. My dear friend - may you live long, may your tribe florish, may your knowledge shine in all of us. you are my lord Shiva, you are my mother Bhavani, you are my everything, you don't know how much respect I have for you, I can even write a hymn on your praise, but considering the fact that it's impossible to return your favours (of illuminating this world with your blogs which i consider as having no parallel) by doing anything, I would better keep quiet. "eka twaM dwitiyO nAsti na bhUtO na bhavishyati" (you are the only one without a second, neither there was anyone like you in the past (in knowledge of lord shiva) nor will anyone be there in future). I am just a dust particle of your lotus feet in comparison with your knowledge of Shiva-tatwam, and I have no hesitation to say that!

2. Shiva Darshana (http://shivadarshana.blogspot.com)

My Rating: Excellent
Testimonial: This author viz. "Agni Deva" is one of the foremost scholars of today's era who has a vast knowledge on Shaivism. His knowledge on all the sects of shaivism is beggared description. I didn't get a chance to interact with him anytime, may be that fortunate time is yet to come. However, I would definitely like to connect with this person of knowledge as deep as an ocean. Agni deva - you are really agni deva incarnated here to illuminate all of us with your knowledge.

3. Shaivam Website (http://www.shaivam.org)

My Rating: Great
Testimonial: This website is a great resource on Shaivism. Highly informative! Only caveat is that around 20% of articles are in Tamil script hence cannot be understood by non-Tamil-speaking Hindus. Rest of the content is superb!

 Best Shakta Blogs / Websites

4. Kamakoti Mandali [(Blog URL): http://www.kamakotimandali.com/blog/index.php || (Website URL): http://www.kamakotimandali.com/]

My rating: Super-Excellent
Testimonial: This revolves around Vedanta and Shakta worship. Especially for the devotees of Shakti (Durga, Kali, Tripurasundari etc...mother goddesses) this is the MOST authoritative resource to read from. These group of authors are highly evolved sadhakas and experts in mantra-shastra hailing from Kanchi Kamakoti Peetha and other such elegant Mutts. Their works are authoritative and authentic. If anything is not known to them in Shaktism, then that is not known anywhere else - As simple as that!


 Best Advaitic Blogs / Websites

5. Adbhutam Blog (http://adbhutam.wordpress.com)

My Rating: Super-Excellent
Testimonial: This blog is true to its name "Adbhutam"! This blog is run by a very renowned and respected Advaitin and Sanskrit scholar, Sri V. Subrahmanian-Ji. He hails from Sringeri Mutt's tradition and is a very popular figure in Advaitin groups and circles for his erudition in the Adi Shankara's philosophy and Sanskrit knowledge..He teaches Vedanta in Advaita-Academy.org website through articles and video lectures. His blog is not for children (i.e.,beginners) because the topics analyzed there are usually advanced topics with advanced levels of reasoning. However every Advaita Vedanta student must read his articles; because, from his works many long standing misconceptions would get clarified. One who has a background of Vedanta can appreciate his works.

6. ProfVK's Website (http://www.krishnamurthys.com/profvk/)

My rating: Super-Excellent
Testimonial: This retired professor is a renowned Sanskrit and Vedanta scholar. His name is Sri. V. Krishnamurty but he is called as "ProfVK" fondly by everyone. He was a professor in BITS Pilani and worked in other highly reputed institutions and retired. This elderly gentleman's erudition in Hinduism scriptures is par excellence. He conducts video lectures and talks on advanced topics like Vedanta and is a teacher in Advaita Academy website. His website is a mix of all genres of Hinduism and you'll find Puranas to Vedas to Vedanta to hymns and everything.

7. Advaita-Vedanta.in (http://www.advaita-vedanta.in/)

My Rating: Super-Excellent
Testimonial: This website is run by my brotherly friend who is a very humble gentleman. This website focusses on erasing false understanding of Advaita Vedanta, incorrect opinions about Shankara and his works and many more. This is a place where lot many misconceptions would get cleared.

Best Blogs / Websites of Mixed Genre

8. Kanfusion (http://kanfusion.blogspot.com)

My Rating: Super-Excellent
Testimonial: Blog-name is "Kanfusion" but it gives clarity on various matters of Hinduism. This blog has 1000+ articles and is not specific to a single genre. It is a blog where Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, short stories, folk lores, subhAshitA-s, works of great poets like Kalidasa, Bharavi etc., and many other things are discussed in short posts. Good resource to gain 360-degree knowledge of Hinduism from all sources. He is a retired Income Tax officer and is a Sanskrit scholar and a great and selfless devotee of lord Krishna.

9. Sri P.R. Ramachander's translation of 743+ Stotras (Hymns) into English (http://stotraratna.sathyasaibababrotherhood.org)

My Rating: Great
Testimonial: This website belongs to an elderly gentleman, a retired scientist, who is 75+ years old and despite his old age and health problems still continues to translate Sanskrit scriptures and hymns into English for everyone's benefit. He has translated 743+ hymns into English. If you go to www.celextel.com, almost 80% translations of the scriptures available there are done by this person of majestic intelligence. He is a kalpavruksha on this earth! I bow down to his intelligence.

10. Indiaspirituality Blog (http://indiaspirituality.blogspot.in/)

My Rating: Excellent
Testimonial: This blog is also owned by the author of Advaita-Vedanta.in website (refer to Point 7 above). This is a wonderful one stop spiritual ocean for all the seekers of knowledge. This site is a huge database of spiritual quotes from the masters of Hinduism like Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sarada Ma, and many other saints. This is one of the rarest places on web where a disturbed mind also can find tranquility. What more could I say?

*** More links would be updated ***