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Privacy Policy

 Hey, I'm Santosh and it's time to discuss something about 'you', the reader! Since, you, the reader, is investing your time in visiting this site, reading and interacting here, it becomes my duty to keep you informed about the privacy policy that this platform has. So, here we go...!

[N.B:- Mention or use of words like "Blog" or "Website" here in this page refers to http://www.mahapashupatastra.com]

  1. Your email-Ids are recorded by a plugin when you subscribe:- This website allows (and recommends) subscribing to posts by email. When a reader subscribes to this blog, she/he gets the facility of instant email notification informing about the new article as soon as it gets published. Since it takes a lot of time for me (the author) in doing research and analysis before I put up my thesis in the form of articles and publish here, it leads to the fact that i do not publish articles frequently. Therefore, for those who are interested to read articles of this blog, it becomes mandatory for me to have some mechanism with which they may get notified about new articles. Thankfully, Subscription plugin comes handy and solves this problem. The author need not contact the readers, nor need to bother about storing email IDs of users, everything is done and taken care of by the plugin. Those who subscribe, would get a notification - As simple as that! Therefore while it is recommended for the readers to subscribe, it is not a mandate though! When a reader subscribes, WordPress subscription plugin stores their email Ids.
  2. We respect privacy - Your email-ids would not be shared with any third party: With the given background in point no. 1, the "why" and "how" of the recording email-ids is clear now. We respect privacy and no email-Ids would be shared with any third-party
  3. We are against spamming: Your email-ids would not be used to send spam mails, forwarded emails, or junk messages. Only the WordPress subscription plugin would send you a 'notification' when a new article is published. At present we don't send any newsletters to our readers, and do not see any possibility of any such services in near future as well. Therefore at present we have no business sending any communications to your email-ids.
  4. Readers need to enter Email-Ids while posting comments: For posting comments, there is no anonymous option available. Readers have to identify themselves by either logging in using WordPress or any social web profiles or if using the comment form in its native form, entering 'Email-Id' is mandatory. However, here also the clauses nos. 2 and 3 hold true!
  5. Cookies and Tracking Tokens are used: In this website I am affiliating with various Advertising companies and helping them gain referrals for their products and in return I would be paid an affiliate commission, In this process I need to host their search Ads and Display Ads on my website which have an intelligent logic built within them to keep track of the traffic which hit their sites via this website. This is all a harmless process and is only there to track which of their customer had visited their website (and purchased) via this website's Advertisements. For keeping such intelligent track of visitors, these Advertising companies may store some tracking tokens and/or cookies on the client machines. Therefore, please be informed that cookie-tracking to record reader preferences may be present from the side of these advertisers.

At present that's all I have to put here. If you have any queries on the above policies, or if I have missed to include anything and you would want to remind/suggest me, please feel free to drop your message via comment box present below this page.

N.B:- This Privacy Policy page may get updated as and when new policies are formed or existing policies undergo refinement (however this would happen rarely). There won't be any notifications be issued regarding any such change. Therefore readers may have to visit this page on a periodic basis.