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Terms & Conditions

Copyright Notice:

This site is protected and monitored by DMCA! Except for wherever explicitly specified [see the bottom notes of individual article(s)], all this site content stands “ALL RIGHTS RESERVED” by the author of this blog – Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (i.e., me).

None of this site’s content should be copied by any means to any of the Vaishnava websites, blogs or books. For all Vaishnava sects, this site content is prohibited, and stands as unsharable with ‘All rights reserved’ clause applicable thereon.

For Shaivite websites, and blogs I (the owner) may be contacted and a written approval should be taken from me for copying/extracting content form my works.


Terms & Conditions *:

  1. One is not permitted to use this site’s contents in any form without a written approval from me. This excludes sharing the page URL directly on social networking sites or on other media
  2. One is not permitted for ‘tIkA’ (translation), ‘bhAShyA’ (commentary), ‘vArtikA’ (sub-commentary / commentary over my commentary) etc. That is, one is not permitted to “Build” one’s work over my work without written permission from me
  3. Fair Use Policy: An exception to condition no. 2 is ‘Fair Use’! – Fair use means copying small extracts for the purpose of citations or criticism (by attributing the excerpt to the original author). However fair use doctrine warns that any excerpt which is the ‘heart / core’ of a work is again not considered as ‘fair use’. So, one is expected to understand one’s acts and the corresponding implications.

Terms Related to Blog Comments *:

  1. As per copyright law all comments posted, or any works published on any platform, becomes the property of the owner of the platform who facilitates all these. Therefore, any comments posted (or would be posted) on this blog by the readers; the ownership / rights over those comments would be considered as transferred to the owner of this blog (i.e., me)
  2. The owner of this blog (i.e., me) reserves all rights to publish, remove, delete, or reuse the comments of the readers with / without any intimation at the blog owner’s discretion. 
  3. There is no time interval for the publishing of comments. Owner would be solely the decision maker of publishing comments based on his free time
  4. Advertisements of third-party blogs, sites or works on this blog to gain popularity or with any selfish or malicious motives would invite strict moderation and the comments would be trashed in the spam box
  5. During discussions/debates personal attacks (via comments) would be moderated and deleted with / without intimation

* N.B: These terms and conditions may undergo additions, updates as necessary with / without any intimation / public notice. Readers are expected to keep checking this list on a regular basis.