Panchamukha Anjaneya Swarupam from Valmiki Ramayana

| Om ṣivāya guravē namaḥ | | namaḥ tripurasundariyai | | Om tat sat | INTRODUCTION Today is Sri Rama navami, the auspicious day when Lord Sri Rama had taken birth on the Earth in Treta Yuga. Since then every…
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Sri Dakshinamurty Jnana Prabodhini

Prayer: O my dear brothers vighneshwara and skanda, please accept my humble prostrations on your lotus feet and kindly remove all the obstacles coming in the way of this article. O Lord Dakshinamurthy! Please grant me enough wisdom to understand…
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Bhagwad Gita’s Vishwaroopa did not show lord Shiva

Well, let me make it clear in the very beginning of this post itself that I have no intentions to hurt any ‘True’ devotee of lord Krishna. This post is an eye-opener only for the fanatics who have always been…
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Offerings Made to Krishna Actually Goes to Lord Shiva

There is a famous Subhashita sloka which is as follows: “Akashat patitam toyam sagaram prati gacchati | sarva deva namaskaram Keshavam prati gacchati |”“All the water fallen from the sky goes to the sea, similarly salutations to all the gods…
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