Devi Tatwam

Supreme Goddess, Lalita Tripurasundari, Shakti, Brahman

Explanation of Real Sri Vidya and Refutation of Kaulachara / Vamachara

  Background Well, I am neutral to all the sects of Tantra and Sri Vidya schools, and have never shown much interest to either foray into those dominions or block their path. However recently an incident happened which hurt my…
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sampUrNa vishNu tatwaM – Demystifying the Mystic Vishnu

I salute you O my divine brother Vighneshwara and request you to remove all the obstacles in this spiritual write-ups; I salute my divine brother Skanda, the mighty generalissimo of the celestials to make me victorious in my attempt of…
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NARAYANA SUKTAM – A hymn to Tripurasundari Devi

NOTICE: This article needs to be updated. Have observed some mistakes that i comitted when i wrote this. Also have found some wonderful evidences to enhance this article. Sometimes I feel I should rewrite it based on the latest findings…
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Krishna’s Srimad Bhagawatam is Bogus – Devi Bhagavatam is Undeniably the original Bhagavata Purana

REVISION HISTORY TRACKER   Sl. No. Version No. Date Published Change Description Update / Change done by Remarks (if any) 1 V1.0 Dec-2011 Published the first major version titled “Top N Reasons to call Bhagawatam a BOGUS scripture“. Santosh Kumar…
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Tatwam Behind Rudra Deriving Strength From Vishnu (Rig Veda 7.40.5)

ALLEGATION: “Shiva Derives Power From Vishnu”. BASIS: The basis of the above allegation is the following verse from Rig Veda. “asya devasya mīḷhuṣo vayā viṣṇoreṣasya prabhṛthe havirbhiḥ |vide hi rudro rudriyaṃ mahitvaṃ yāsiṣṭaṃ vartiraśvināvirāvat |” (Rig Veda 7.40.5)“With offerings I…
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