A Criticism of Nārāyaṇāstra Blog

No debates please! Please respect my time!

If you have read the document, and are in agreement with it, well and good! Smile, and live happily!

A sheep always trusts the butcher till her time comes – If you are a great fan with an unshaken faith in them, and disagree with the revelations of this paper, that’s also very good quality. It speaks high about your faithfulness towards your master. Please continue but feel free to leave this site!

Road signs are to be followed, and traffic rules are to be obeyed. They are there just to guide and help us safeguard ourselves from accidents. However, they cannot prevent us if we care a straw for them. Similarly, this criticism document is just a guide to warn the readers against the clever tactics and unfair means that are used by those bloggers to hypnotize the readers and sell their ideas. Even after reading this paper, if one still wants to believe them with blind faith, I have no intentions to stop such fan-boys/fan-girls. This document intends to be an eye-opener only for those who are awake. It isn’t capable of doing any magic on those who are already under the spell and trance of those magicians. 🙂

All the Best! 🙂

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  1. sohini

    santoshji can you give me any link for a full valmiki ramayan translation, the largest valmiki ramayan translation i’ve read is of author Rajshekhar Basu, in bengali

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (Post author)
  2. sohini

    hope you never do this to me santoshji as i keep bombarding your blog pages with my questions-
    “Questioning by pretending to be a learner: – Some people approach as if they have genuine queries and are

    trying to seek an answer but in reality they have malicious intentions. They initiate discussions like a learner

    and soon reveal their real face of vampires and start engaging the author in a vitanDa-vAda kind of useless

    debate. I have enough god-gifted intelligence to smell the reality in each and every thought of the people who

    try to interact with me. Such comments meet death (deletion) straight away”

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (Post author)

      Busy with lot many things in personal life. So, would look at your pending comments when I get time. Other smaller comments of yours have been published and answered

  3. VikramInside

    Hi Santhosh,

    Srivaishnavites are not blind followers. If Vishnu according to you is great devotee to your Shiva then followers of Vishnu safegaurded by Shiva as well in same context.

    The Butcher goat example is not appropriate. Since you accept you are a drop of Appaya dikshithar swamy then please maintain the same. We have more learned people above us.

    Have you underwent proper Veda abhyAsam? – Sorry this question is inevitable.

    If not, half baked knowledge won’t help you.

    Hanuman got the pride because of Rama Bhakthi. Yatra Yatra Raghunatha keerthanam.

    Parvathy Devi got the pride because kena upayena laghuna vishnor naama Sahasrakam.

    You and we are not sages and not thri kaala gyaanis.

    Your questions with respect to Srimad Bhagavatham is convincing. Whats the place of purAnam in an IthihAsa?

    I have listened to eminent members in Srimad Bhagavatham and not thought for it, will get clarification from one of them. Possibly respond in comments.

    Narayanastram expects us to have folded hands to get saved. Pasupatashtra simply destructs. There is a big difference even in that case.

    When it comes to history fabrication or re-writing history the powerful Shaivaite kings have done no lesser.

    Ekaambareshwar temple is one beautiful example. Similarly Ayodhya, Taj Mahal by the then powerful Muslims.

    Let’s forget and be logical and be reasonable. Dwesham to Srivaishnavites or Shaivaites will take us no further and will not make us become open minded.

    It will lead to BhaAghavatha apacharam.

    Initially it will be interesting due to the fan following and one day lord Shiva himself willl come to your dreams and ask you to stop it. As It’s a blunder.

    I have witnessed 9 Lingas on a single maha Shiv rathri during childhood. Have you? Then how am I a Srivaishnavite? Simple, my surrounding is Shiva sthala. Schooling is Shiva school.

    I was brought up praying in lunch hours ” Anna poorni Sadhaa poorni Shankara praana vallabhey, nyaana vairagya sidhyartham bhikshandhehi cha paarvathi”

    A student in Christian school is brought up ” oh Jesus give me food “. It’s the opportunity one gets.

    Interestingly college is Narayana college even in name for me.

    Remember God respects the one who respects.

    Thanks for reading long comment.

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (Post author)

      Hi Vikram,

      Srivaishnavites are not blind followers. If Vishnu according to you is great devotee to your Shiva then followers of Vishnu safegaurded by Shiva as well in same context.

      You’re right. Followers of Vishnu are very much dear to Shiva. This is mentioned unanimously in all Shiva related Puranas. But then the same puranas mention in Vishnu’s own words that those vishnu devotees who would criticize Shiva would be abandoned by vishnu himself. So, where are the vaishnavites heading towards? Pls think over this problem statement first.

      The Butcher goat example is not appropriate. Since you accept you are a drop of Appaya dikshithar swamy then please maintain the same. We have more learned people above us.

      I don’t remember saying I am a drop of appayya dikshitar. Just out of modesty / respect, I remember somewhere saying I am not even equal to the dust of his feet (if i recollect the words right). Well, all such comparisons are only at the level of respect, and a display of modesty. Not sure what complaints you have on such words offering respect. The fact is, no body can be anybody’s drop or anything as such. Everyone has an independent personality, and it is Mahadeva who decides whom to make what. If shiva decides to make a droplet an ocean, he can make, and if he decides otherwise, even oceans would reduce to droplet. Nothing is in my hands, what shiva would decide, I would become that. And regarding your claim ‘we have more learned people’, I keep more faith on Mahadeva than your so called ‘learned people’. I do not care who they are. My only guru is Shiva, I bow to none else for knowledge. pranamami maheshvaramekamaham!

      Have you underwent proper Veda abhyAsam? – Sorry this question is inevitable. If not, half baked knowledge won’t help you.

      Sorry to say this, it is none of your business. You’re saying as though mere ‘abhyAsaM’ makes a chanter gain the internal meanings of Veda. There are many veda panditas, how many know the meanings of what they chant?

      Hanuman got the pride because of Rama Bhakthi. Yatra Yatra Raghunatha keerthanam.
      Parvathy Devi got the pride because kena upayena laghuna vishnor naama Sahasrakam.

      You vaishnavites take everything just literally, that’s what I have been trying to clarify for so many years now. Anyway, pls be blissful in these verses if they please your heart.

      You and we are not sages and not thri kaala gyaanis.

      Ne need not be. A simple bhakti for shiva is enough. If his hand is on your head, those trikalagyanis would envy you. Read this in Soundarya lahari or shivananda lahari, same thing is said. So, I don’t have to care for rankings as long as mahadeva is with me.

      Your questions with respect to Srimad Bhagavatham is convincing. Whats the place of purAnam in an IthihAsa? I have listened to eminent members in Srimad Bhagavatham and not thought for it, will get clarification from one of them. Possibly respond in comments.

      Very well. And please be informed that in couple of months I am going to update that article with more convincing proofs. So, please do check back my article after few months.

      Narayanastram expects us to have folded hands to get saved. Pasupatashtra simply destructs. There is a big difference even in that case.

      Narayanastra invokes the energy of shatagnis, which is another term to mean shata-rudras. So, the mercy that narayanastra shows is the mercy of those hundreds of rudras only, who naturally would be merciful being of the nature of the Ashutosha (easy pleasing). Pashupatastra on the other hand is not made for worldly usages, it is there to destroy the world during the dissolution. But one who gains it he becomes invincible by just its presence without firing it. The way arjuna won the war because of its presence. So, for a weapon intended to be used to dissolve the universe, there is no need to be merciful or to have a counter or to be lenient. The features are by-design and these cannot be used to say which weapon is more glorious. Both have their own significance in their own boundaries. And narayanastra has a counter too – maheshvarastra can deflect/nullify narayanastra because ultimately both are shiva’s weapons (narayanastra invokes rudras as said earlier), but pashupata has no counter. So, if we have to stoop down to this low level of comparisons, pashupata wins.

      When it comes to history fabrication or re-writing history the powerful Shaivaite kings have done no lesser.

      Obviously! When Vaishnavites do so much harm to Shiva’s worship and glory, somewhere shaivite kings’ patience would break isn’t it? Anyway, I am poor in History subject hence don’t know how much of destruction was done by shaivite kings and vaishnavite kings. And it is of not much use to discuss that today. Physical destruction can be reverted by rebuilding. The destruction by wrong teachings that vaishnavite acharyas have done to shiva’s glory is so deep in effect that it cannot be cured easily. So, no point in complaining about physical destroyers of temples etc., let’s only talk about the intelelctual destructions that were done. No purana says Shiva is a jiva living on the mercy of Vishnu, but the vaishnavite acharyas even of ISKCON teach that. Did you ever question them, how can they preach and interpret such things when veda Vyasa himself never said so? You would not, because that’s not something which hurts you! This is why I am standing against them! Hope it clarifies!

      Ekaambareshwar temple is one beautiful example. Similarly Ayodhya, Taj Mahal by the then powerful Muslims.

      Who denies? I too go to Tirupati, and I do not wish to return from that place but with a heavy heart I return from there, such an extent i love that place. In fact I had been to Srisailam only once, but Tirupati is almost a yearly tour, only in recent years not able to go anywhere due to being busy in worldly matters.

      Let’s forget and be logical and be reasonable. Dwesham to Srivaishnavites or Shaivaites will take us no further and will not make us become open minded.

      I agree with you. But may I request you to first preach this same thing to vaishnavas and get their hatred for shiva totally removed from their hearts? Can you make them accept Shiva as not ‘jiva’? You cannot, because the disease is beyond any corrective measures now. Well, coming to me, only thing I have not been able to explain the readers so far is that – I have no hatred for srivaishnavites or madhvas or any flavor of vaishnavites. I am against their ‘understanding’ of shiva-tatwam, that’s it! My war is NOT against PERSONS, it is against their IGNORANCE. Once in a while to address the problem, the postmen who carried the problems, their names I do mention, and that’s just a part of the game to make the disease as well as the carrier understandable clearly, but personally I do not have any issue with humans. In a flow I might sound harsh on the carriers of the disease, but I have better things to do that focusing on persons. You need to understand where it becomes mandatory to criticize the carriers of disease to make people aware of their gimmicks, names are called out and where it becomes optional, I ignore the names and focus on the content.

      It will lead to BhaAghavatha apacharam. Initially it will be interesting due to the fan following and one day lord Shiva himself willl come to your dreams and ask you to stop it. As It’s a blunder.

      Will wait to have Shiva darshanam in dream. That would be a great night for me. 🙂

      I have witnessed 9 Lingas on a single maha Shiv rathri during childhood. Have you? Then how am I a Srivaishnavite? Simple, my surrounding is Shiva sthala. Schooling is Shiva school.

      Very nice to read this incident. _/|\_ pranams! Vishnu loves me like a loving father, mother lakshmi sustains me on her milk. Do not equate my works with my personal connection with the divinity. My write-ups are my job, a job assigned by mahadeva, and driven and led by Vishnu as my guide. At individual level I am different. 🙂

      I was brought up praying in lunch hours ” Anna poorni Sadhaa poorni Shankara praana vallabhey, nyaana vairagya sidhyartham bhikshandhehi cha paarvathi” A student in Christian school is brought up ” oh Jesus give me food “. It’s the opportunity one gets. Interestingly college is Narayana college even in name for me.

      Let me tell you that, I am not a vishnu-hating hardcore shaivite. My alarm tone is ‘narayana stotram (by adi shankara), which goes like – narayana narayana jaya govinda hare govinda hare…’, listening to which I get up. My daily Puja has ‘lakshmi narasimha karavalamba stotram’ in it. I am as close to mother lakshmi as I am close to mother parvati. In fact Vishnu is my charioteer driving me on this shiva-dharma-sansthapana mission (which you wouldn’t believe, but that is the truth). let me tell you a fact – I am more closer to Vishnu than his modern day vishnu-devotees are. So, all these gyan to me is not needed. I know why these things are being done and what for being done. These are all being done by the divine will and I am just a tool here.

      Remember God respects the one who respects.

      God has no such give and take policy my dear! Even Ravana was respected by Rama after he died. God has no affinity and no avarice for anyone.

      Thanks for reading long comment.

      Thanks for reading my long replies as well. 🙂

      1. sharadadevi putra

        after all vaishnavas worshipping shiva through hatredness just like kamsa and ravana

  4. VikramInside

    *9 Linga temples not just 9 Linga in a single temple on a maha Shiv rathri. Expansion of above comment.

    Devotion is fine but fanaticism is self destructive.

    Santhosh= Happy. Be happy.

    Regarding namakam and chamakam, rudram discourses. If you have Tamil friends ask them to translate Krishna Premi Swami’s Rudhram discourse for you.

    I will share link if you want.

    Veda even hails indran, varunan etc so sticking only to rudram’s rudhra you know where it will lead to.

    Why a Brahmin Shaivaite or Vaishnavite does yagyam?

    “YagnyO yagnyena”
    – For the yagnya to do the yagnya.

    I want age, money, happiness etc
    Nothing is mine

    Finally then why chamakam and namakam?
    Just to do the yagnya for the yagnya as a Brahmin.

    To do the fire for the fire.


    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (Post author)

      I have not understood anything what you wanted to say through this comment. So, wouldn’t break my head further. No need to clarify again, pls.

  5. Subhasis Dey

    While going through Adbhutam’s related Article : The 􀲫Āndhra-mahā-bhāratamu􀲬 – A short study, I have found the Śānti Parva of the said Andhra Mahā Bhāratamu. But I could not fully interpret it as it was entirely depicted in Sanskrit language and nowhere I could find the translation of the entire Chapter. Please guide me where can I find the detailed English translation of the same.

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      You may find it here

  6. Subhasis Dey

    While going through the Adi Parva of the ‘Andhra Bharatamu’, I came across the following verses :
    1.निरुक्तं वेदविदुपो वेदशब्दार्थचिन्तकाः।
    ते मां गायन्ति प्राग्वंशे अधोक्षज इति स्मृतः।। 12-352-18a
    2.शब्द एकमतैरेप व्याहृतः परमर्षिभिः।
    नान्यो ह्यधोक्षजो लोके ऋते नारायणं प्रभुम्।। 12-352-19a
    3.विद्यासहायवन्तं मामादित्यस्थं सनातनम्।
    कपिलं प्राहुराचार्याः साङ्ख्या निश्चितनिश्चयाः।। 12-352-30a
    4.हिरण्यगर्भो द्युतिमान्य एष च्छन्दसि स्तुतः।
    योगैः संपूज्यते नित्यं स एवाहं विभुः स्मृतः।। 12-352-31a
    5.एकविंशतिसाहस्रं ऋग्वेदं मां प्रचक्षते।
    सहस्रशाखं यत्साम ये वै वेदविदो जनाः।
    गायन्त्यारण्यके विप्रा मद्भक्तास्ते हि दुर्लभाः।। 12-352-32a
    6.तच्च शूलं विनिर्धूतं हुंकारेण महात्मना।
    जगाम शंकरकरं नारायणसमाहतम्।। 12-352-46a
    Please let me know the exact meaning of these verses in English. Are these verses present in the original Veda Vyasa Mahabharata as well ?

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      Andhra mahabharatamu is in telugu not in sanskrit. So, the verses you are quoting is from the vyasa bharatam.
      Entire chapter translation is here

    2. Subhasis dey

      Thank you for the link for the English translation of Santi Parva of the Mahabharata. But, I am dumbfounded at the English translation of the verses I am looking for. i am citing them below :
      1.” …the eternal and immutable Hari that is combination of the attributes …..that is inconceivable and unborn,….that is formless and all-pervading, and that endued with the principle of universal creation and of eternity without beginning, middle, or end.” ( p 155)
      2. “…. I was never born. I never take birth. Nor i shall ever be born…..Hence i am called by the name Aja ( unborn)….the existence and non-existence have been merged by me in my Soul.” (p 164)
      3. “The deities and ASuras have never been able to ascertain my beginning, my middle and my end. It is for this reason I am Anadi, Amadhya and Ananta. I am the Supreme Lord endued with puissance, and i am the eternal witness of the universe ( beholding as i do its successive creations and destructions)” ( p 166)
      4.” I am He who am the repository of the science of syllables and pronunciation that is treated of in the supplementary portions of the Vedas. (p 167)”

      I think all these attributes belong to our beloved Lord Siva. Why does Krishna claim these qualities to be his ???

      Furthermore, at page 168 , there is annal of Siva – Vishnu battle where it is said that :
      ” Narayana then seized the rushing Rudra with his hand by the throat. Seized by Narayana , the lord of the Universe, Rudra’s throat changed colour and became dark. From that time Rudra came to be called by the name Sitikantha.”

      What rubbish !!! Lord Narayana in the form of a deity admitted defeat at the hand of Virbhadra, who sprang from merely a hair of the matted lock of Lord Siva. Besides, Krishna himself declared in the Anusashana parva of the Mahabharata that far from the question of stopping Rudra by the throat, the eyes of Narayana Rishi could hardly stand the brilliance of Lord Siva and Mother Bhavani as They appeared before him. Besides, it has been clearly stated in the Anusashana Parva that Narayana Rishi is one of the foremost devotees of Lord Siva who underwent Pasupata Deeksha by observing rigorous penance for about thousand years and he will seize the throat of his beloved Lord by the throat !!! Are these verses really born of Sage Veda Vyasa ? I think he is an ardent devotee of Lord Maheswara. How could the Great Sage who compiled the masterpiece as the Anusashana Parva wrote such delirious and contradictory verses here ? Tell me please that this account of Siva – Vishnu duel is completely fake. All this nonsense is a desperate interpolation of some staunch Siva hater.

      1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

        All the attributes you listed are indeed siva’s. Krishna (narayana) is none other than Uma, hence Vishnu who in reality si Uma claims them to be his as Uma and Shiva are identical. So, there is no contradiction, only vaishnavites want all glory for Vishnu and Shiva be left with only defeats and insults.

        Well, Shiva ahd given boon to Narayana rishi that whenever he ahs to fight against shiva, by his boon, narayana would be victorious. So, it is Rudra’s leela to stand defeated. otehrwise, who would dare to venture before him if he really becomes angry?

        1. Subhasis Dey

          But it is quite impossible for Narayana Rishi to catch hold of Rudra by the throat. Can a devotee treat his adorable Lord in such a humiliating way ? This verses seem to be interpolations. Would you like to agree with me ?

          1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

            That chapter has several other errors too, so based on those other errors, i have my own doubts about that incident too. But i don’t want to right away discard it as interpolation because that can be easily explained because of the boon of shiva. Why would shiva give a boon of victory in battle to narayana if narayana is never to war with shiva? So, it is shiva’s leela; but it could be interpolation also. haven’t ever got a chance to critically analyze this chapter. So, till my critical eyes cast their vision on that chapter, let it live happily. 🙂

  7. Arun Subramaniyan

    Those who abuse Kanchi Mahaswami will never attain moksha and will be abandoned by the very Vishnu for whom they claim to have fanatical devotion. People who have had the great fortune of prostrating before that noble soul say that Kanchi Mahaswami was Maheshwara Himself who out of great compassion for us came down to earth and spent 100 years amongst us.

    I am sure there are also many Sri Vaishnavas who must been extremely fortunate to have secured the blessings of Mahaswami.

    Kind Regards

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      Very true words, Bro!

    2. Vikram Srinivasan

      Kanchi Maha Periyava accepted by all. Irrespective of Shaiva, Vaishnava including other religions.

      Let our childish debates & discussion not defame great Acharya purushas.

      As per our Dharma Shastra ” Don’t criticize activities of Acharya purushas”.

      Let’s avoid individual criticisms and post our ideologies.

      1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

        You are right Sri Vikram ji,

        However, if you go through the document embedded in this link, you would understand who is criticizing kanchi mahaperiyavaa. It is the narayanastra bloggers who have enormous hatred for paramacharya. The discussion here is going about them.

        1. Varisht

          Wow.u love periyava.superb

          “””.If Vyasa’s father was the author of the original Visnu Purana, his son
          Sukracaraya it was who instructed King Pariksit in the Bhagavata. There is
          a difference of opinion about the Bhagavata, whether the term should
          refer to Visnu-Bhagavata or Devi-Bhagavata. The former is devoted to the
          incarnations of Visnu, particularly Krsna, while the latter deals with the
          divine sport of Amba. We need both and both are great works. “”‘”‘

          This I quoted from bharatiya Bhavan translation of the deivathin kural.i.e.his speech condensed in the form of a book.formerly I hesitated to quote as I was unaware whether u ll accept his saying or not.what is ur opinion now Santosh?

          1. I still respect him. But his own statements hint a dispute between which one is the original bhagavata and because he was a dharmAchArya who was supposed to lead people into dharmika harmony, he had said both should be respected. But his statement itself has indicated of a question on which one is original bhagavatam.

            I have now proved that original bhagawatam is Devi Bhagavatam. And I too say what Paramacharya said – “Pls follow Vishnu Bhagavatam if that is dear to you, without bothering about what I wrote. For Bhakti, authenticity of a text doesn’t matter”. So, I’m also not denying it you see? 🙂

          2. Karthick

            Do any of you guys have the English copy of Deivathin Kural?

  8. Vikram Srinivasan

    Let’s stop criticising Acharya purushas. It’s against our Dharma.

  9. The following is the definition of the word “Vaishnava”, in Anandabhairavi’s own words:

    “आनन्दभैरव उवाच:-
    को वैष्णवो याज्ञिकः को धार्मिको वाऽपि को भुवि ।
    को वा भवति योगी च तन्मे वद सुरेश्वरि ।।
    शंकर श्रृणु वक्ष्यामि कालनिर्गमलक्षणम् ।
    वैष्णवानां वैष्णवत्वं आज्ञाचक्रे फलाफलम् ।।” (Rudrayamala Uttara Tantra 15:36-37)

    Hence, it is a Yogin stationed at Ajna Chakra, who is to be called a Vaishnava.
    Vaishnavas following Pancharatras are more precisely “Bhagavatas”, and their philosophy was refuted by Sri Adi Shankaracharya Bhagavadpada:

    “उत्पत्त्यसंभवात् ।” (Brahmasutra Shankarabhashya 2:2:42)

    Translation by Swami Vireshvarananda of Ramakrishna Mission:-

    “The origination (of the individual soul from the Lord) being impossible (the Pancharatra doctrine is untenable).”


    The Pancharatra or the Bhagavata school is now taken up for examination. It recognizes the material and efficient causality of the Lord, but propounds certain other views that are objectionable. According to it Vasudeva is the Supreme Lord, the material and the efficient cause of the world. By worshiping Him, meditating on Him and by knowing Him one attains Liberation. From Vasudeva is born Shankarshana, the Jiva; from Jiva Pradyumna, the mind; from mind Aniruddha, the Ego. These are the fourfold form (Vyuha) of Vasudeva.
    Of these, the view that Vasudeva is the Supreme Lord, to be worshiped and so on, the Vedantin accepts, as it is not against the Sruti. But the creation of the Jiva etc., he rejects, as such creation is impossible. Why? Because if the soul be created, it would be subject to destruction, and so no Liberation can be predicated of it. That the soul is not created will be shown in Sutra 2. 3. 17.

    “न च कर्तुः करणम् ।” (Brahmasutra Shankarabhashya 2:2:43)

    Translation by Swami Vireshvarananda of Ramakrishna Mission:-

    “Nor (is it seen that) the instrument (is produced) from the agent.”


    As an instrument, like an axe, is not seen to be produced from the agent, the wood-cutter, the Bhagavata doctrine-that from the individual soul is produced the internal instrument or mind, and from the mind the ego-cannot be accepted. Neither is there any scriptural authority of it. The scripture plainly says that everything originates from Brahman.

    “विज्ञानादिभावे वा तदप्रतिषेधः ।” (Brahmasutra Shankarabhashya 2:2:44)

    Translation by Swami Vireshvarananda of Ramakrishna Mission:-

    “Or if the (four Vyuhas are said to) posses intelligence etc., yet there is no warding of that (viz. the objection raised in Sutra 42).


    The Bhagavatas may say that all the forms are Vasudeva, the Lord, and that all of them possess knowledge and lordship, strength, valour etc., and are free from faults and imperfections. In this case there will be more than one Iswara, which is redundant and goes against their own assumption. Even granting all this, the origination of one from the other is unthinkable. Being equal in all respects, none of them can be the cause of another, for the effect must have some feature that is lacking in the cause. Again the forms of Vasudeva cannot be limited to four only, as the whole world from Brahma down to a clump of grass is a form of the Supreme Being.

    “विप्रतिषेधाच् च ।” (Brahmasutra Shankarabhashya 2:2:45)

    Translation by Swami Vireshvarananda of Ramakrishna Mission:-

    “And because of the contradictions (the Bhagavata view is untenable).”


    Moreover the theory involves many contradictions. Sometimes it speaks of the four forms as the qualities of the Atman and sometimes as the Atman itself.

    Hence, the Pancharatric philosophy of Bhagavatas, that is propagated by some malicious Shivadrohis, is not acceptable by monists like Shaktas, Shaivas and Advaitins.

  10. Vikram Srinivasan

    Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

    ” In this case there will be more than one Iswara, which is redundant and goes against their own assumption.”

    With due respect to the author of this blog who has got the blessings of both lord Shiva and MahaVishnu according to me, let me try to answer this with blessings of asmad acharya from vishistAdvaitam standpoint.

    Take pure cow’s milk for instance. Pour it into two glasses.

    Now, does both milk differ in quality? VishstAdvaitam does not see dharman and dharmi as two different entities.

    Swami Ramanuja says perceiving dharmi without dharmam is not possible in this state of the world. Reference: Yatindra Mata Dipika.

    Also I have a question speaking of shapeless god, Shaiva worship Linga & Natarajan (king of dance) and his various postures.

    1. Is lingam not a shape?
    2. Is parameshwara/lingam different from Natarajan?
    3. Natarajan is looking thin. Can we say not being fat is a deficit quality of him?
    4. Speaking of brahmam, Veda just does not say Ekameva adwitheeyam, it also says sarvam khalvidam brahma.

    If shiva is the brahmam, then assigning so called lower level perceived with higher level unperceived brings duality dosham.

    Meaning, since brahmam is self manifested into creation with varied perception for us, it’s the same brahmam with vishistAdvaitam and not just advaitham.

    5. One step further, If you quote chidhambara rahasyam as example how will you pin point it’s shiva and not Allah?

    Let myself answer the 5th:
    Both Shaivas and Vaishnavas unitedly accept veda (Shruthi smruthi) and Muslims dont. Our arguments are strictly based on veda.

    No shiva dhrohis here neither Vishnu dhrohis. Let’s not make it ugly. A mistake of few is not that of majority.

    I know this is a huge topic. Just posted for the sake of arguments. Our toungue is not capable of describing the ultimate which both Shaiva & Vaishnava have accepted in their own order.

    Just because someone is doing a mistake it doesn’t mean we also do it. We need open mind and staunch bhakthi towards our respective god.

    Chandrasekhara Kanchi Mahan has accepted Sriman Narayana and while they (Acharyas) end a letter they sign it as Narayana.

    Is mahapasupatastra going to deny it? I am sure it won’t.

    Answering Srimad Bhagavatham validity.

    I have found the following answer.

    A Puranam means old. Anyone can write about the old. Just because it is written recently it doesn’t mean it has no validity.

    We don’t see when it was written but about what is being written.

    If we write Indian Independence we are dating 1947. If we write about dinosaurs, it will date back to billion years.

    That’s what Krishna charithram is all about. Krishna is the one and only Bhagavan 😉 . That’s why it’s called as Bhagavath Gita & Bhaagavatham. His Leela is Bhagavath Leela in Leela vibhuthi.

    I said above because the debate started with ishwara shabdha.

    The older events of Krishna is Puranam and nothing else.

    In Srimad Bhagavath Gita Krishna clearly says to Arjuna, “You are not the first one to receive the preachings of Bhagavath Gita”, I already told this to brahma. It in itself means it has a validity of being a Puranam.

    You can argue Krishna is a liar. Krishna is a shiva glory stealer as he had the habit of stealing butter when he was baby. 🙂 It’s how you take it.

    Krishna is Ksheera chora chitha chora no doubt.

    The answer dasan received from a BhAgavatha:

    Veda Vyasa wanted to focus much on Bhagavan but could not do so in Mahabharatham. That’s why Srimad Bhagavatham was born. It’s similar to Vishnu purana. Vishnu Purana is also called Purana Ratna ( Gem among puranas ). These 2 puranas are considered to be most perfect puranaas as they convey the same message that vedas convey.

    A purana needs to have  the following 5 lakshanas

    Sarga ( creation )Prati sarga ( dissolution )Vamsa ( about surya, chandra vamsa . who were born in these vamsas )Manvantra ( About manu who ruled under the particular period and his  vamsam )vamsanu charitham ( sub vamsams )

    Srimad Bhagavatham has these 5 lakshanas and is rightly called a Purana. Hope this clarifies.


    @Author my favourite identity vikraminside. It is the same me and apt for the question I guess. Hope this will be published as my earlier ones.

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      Namaste dear Sri Vikram ji,

      I find a pious hearted Sri vaishnava in you, based on your comments so far. Please accept my heartful pranams to your bhakti. Well, your assessment is right, on me not only Mahadeva but Mahavishnu is also always graceful. In fact all these intellectual write-ups when kept aside, I love my father Narayana like a son. He is my father, goddess Lakshmi is my mother, and they have always been by my side in every walk of my life. I firmly believe, Vishnu himself is driving my chariot in this battle against shiva-ninda. 🙂

      Well, with the initial part of your comment (before the bhagawatam points), I have nothing much to agree or disagree. All darshanas are valid in their own boundaries. Even Vishshitadvaita is correct within it’s boundaries.

      Well, regarding your opinion on purana “in general” what you said is correct. But this won’t help Srimad Bhagawatam to become authentic. I am in process of updating the Bhagawatam article with some more concrete evidences, which would help all such doubts to settle. I’ll soon post an update to that article which would answer all the pending questions. Kindly await that update sir.

      Regarding Bhagawad Gita – you might not have seen my Bhagawad Gita article after I updated it. The updated article would erase all doubts and would help people see what I am able to see.

      Problem is when we update an existing article, system won’t generate any notifications. If i miss posting an explicit post advertising about the update, it goes unnoticed. Anyway, i’ll take care of the update alerts in future.


    2. True indeed, that a Purāņa is recognised by the Pańcalakşaņas, that you, Śrīmān Vikram Mahāśaya, have already listed.
      However, there are certain other Lakşaņas other than these five, which are required to determine the Bhāgavata Śāstra, which are as follows:-

      From Matsya, Agni and Nāradīya Purāņas:
      1) Documentation of Sārasvata Kalpa.
      2) Māhātmya of Gāyatrī.
      3) Eulogy of Brahmavidyā.
      4) Divided into 18000 chapters and 12 Cantos.
      5) Killing of Vřtrāsura.
      6) Anecdote of Hayagrīva.

      From Vişņu and Śiva Purāņas:
      1) Bhāgavata Purāņa is 5th among 18 Purāņas.
      2) Purāņa documenting martial exploits of Durgā is Bhāgavata Purāņa, also known as Devī Purāņa.

      From Devī Yāmala Tańtra:
      1) Purāņa documenting Pūjā Paddhatī of Rādhā is Bhāgavata Purāņa.
      2) Purāņa documenting the anecdotes of Durgā’s various incarnations is Bhāgavata Purāņa.

      From Āditya Purāņa:
      1) Purāņa consisting 18000 chapters and 12 cantos is Bhāgavata Purāņa.
      2) Bhāgavata Purāņa accounts the killing of Asuras Vřtra, Mahişāsura, Dhūmralocana and Raktabīja.
      3) Bhāgavata Purāņa records the Pāțhavidhi of Devī Māhātmya, also known as Durgā Saptaśatī and Śrī Śrī Caņđī.

      From Kālikā Purāņa:
      “The Mahāpurāņa from which the Upapurāņa of Kālikā has been derived is known as Bhāgavata Purāņa.

      We see that Śrīmad Bhāgavatam deviates from the aforementioned Lakşaņas:
      1) It documents Padma Kalpa.
      2) Gāyatrī is absent.
      3) Brahmavidyā is absent.
      4) Apparently it is the final work of Vyāsamuni and hence should be the 18th (last) Purāņa.
      5) Doesn’t document Durgā’s martial exploits and is definitely not known as “Devī Purāņa”.
      6) Has no mention of Rādhā.
      7) Except Nańdajā (Vińdhyavāsini) and Satī (Dākşāyanī), anecdotes of other incarnations of Durgā like Śatākşī, Śākambharī, Bhrāmarī, Raktadańşțrā, Yoganidrā, Mahişamardinī, Kātyāyanī, Kauşikī, Kālikā, Pārvatī, Bhuvaneśvarī etc are not ducumented.
      8) Killing of Mahişāsura, Dhūmralocana and Raktabīja are not documented.
      9) Pāțhavidhi of Devī Māhatmya is not present.
      10) Although killing of Vřtrāsura is present, and the Purāņa’s 12 cantos are divided into 18000 chapters, yet Vaişņava Bhāgavatam doesn’t satisfy the other lakşaņas.
      11) Vişņu’s incarnation Hayagrīva of Devī Bhāgavatam is slayer of an Asura called Hayagrīva, and the anecdote is in line with Vişņu’s beheading from Śatpatha Brahmaņa. But, Hayagrīva of Vaişņava Bhāgavatam is slayer of Asuras Madhu-Kaițabha, which is not possible since it was Devī Mahākālī who slew the duo as Yoganidrā.

      Keeping these points in mind, the Vaişņava Bhāgavatam is not acceptable as the exalted Bhāgavata Śāstra by Kaulas. We accept Śrīmad Devī Bhāgavata Mahāpurāņa as the true Bhāgavata Śāstra.

      śrī śrī vajra vairocanyē nama: ll

      1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

        Please wait for couple of days, I’m going to post an update to my Bhagawatam article and clarify all confusions. There is no need to break our heads on this purana. We don’t need to know purana-lakshana, don’t need to know what other puranas have described about bhagawatam, where brahmavidya is said to be present as a criterion and where it is not etc. Only few clarifications I would add and then it would be impossible to make even any “speculation” in support of SB.

        1. May Devī Mahāsarasvatī flow through your pen always.

          śrī śrī uccişțhacāńgulinyē nama: ll

          1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

            So nice. Thank you for the blessings. 🙂

      2. Arun Subramaniyan

        Devi is called Panchasankhyopacharini in Lalitha Sahasranama. It makes perfect sense for Bhagavatha Purana to occupy position 5 and sing Devi’s glories. You have posted wonderful reference from Vishnu Purana. Striking Shiva drohis with their own weapon!

        Kind Regards

        1. Dear Arun Jeu,
          It is by Śrī Durgā’s grace that the point stuck me while reading Vişņu Purāņa. Hence, the credit goes to Ādyāśakti alone.
          Vāgīśvarī, the sister of Rudra has taken that exhalted Aşțabhujā Mahāsarasvatī form on the eve of Sarasvatī Pūjā, who in former times had ripped off the heads of Śumbha and Niśumbha with Her trident. Call it coincidence, call it divine intervention; Vīņāpāņi is gracious upon us.

          śrī śrī hamsavāhinyē nama: ll

          1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

            Good discussion happening around the sri panchami day on our mother saraswati. :-).

            Yes, I agree 100% with your point. When we truly have the enthusiasm to know some hidden things, and read scriptures, the lord/lordess would always guide us and show us deeper secrets in the form of ‘insights’. And your insights surely show that you have received that grace. 🙂 _/|\_

    3. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)


      As promised – here is the updated version of my Bhagavatam refutation article. You may go through it now completely to get convinced without any doubts. 🙂


  11. Subhasis Dey

    One more point please about my comment on January 24, which I think I should bring to your notice. After this I’ll close the discussion about this topic. According the story of the Siva-Vishnu battle in the Shanti Parva of the Mahabharata, Lord Siva shed his anger only after this battle when Lord Brahma reminded Him that He sprang from the wrath of Lord Vishnu. But, in the Drona -vadha Parva of the same Mahabharata, Lord Veda Vyasa himself states that “Beholding that arrowy shower, all the gods bowing down unto Maheswara, assigned to Rudra a substantial share in sacrifices……His wrath being dispelled , the great God then restored the sacrifice. ” ( Book 7 , Section CCII) This fact has even been attested in the Valmiki Ramayana ( 1-66-9). The account in the Drona-vadha Parva is ,therefore, valid on the strength of mutual support (with the verses in the Valmiki Ramayana) . According to Siva Puranam, Lord Siva underwent deep meditation after this for a long period. Therefore, the story of Siva- Vishnu duel in the Shanti Parva is completely fake. I wish a detailed Article from you in near future highlighting this as you did in your masterpiece Article ‘the Story of subduing Shiva’s pride from Ramayana cannot be taken on its face value . ‘

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      I agree with you. This shiva-narayanarishi battle is not usually seen in other texts, this chapter has other inconsistencies as well. May be soon if lord wishes, I would deep dive in and see how much of truth exists in that chapter.

  12. Vikram Srinivasan

    Mahadevyaischa vidhmahey, vishnu patheencha dheemahi dhanno lakshmi prachodhayath
    She is the Maha Devi and Maha Lakshmi Devi
    All glories to the Matha Mahalakshmi
    God bless you all in the spiritual discussion
    At least we are not talking about something else not relevant like cinema/entertainment here in this current world
    From ArdhaNari to ChakraDhari
    God Bless you
    Jai Sriman Narayana

    1. Beautiful message!! 🙂 _/|\_

  13. rishiexecs

    If I recall corectly about 5 yrs ago a) You had lost from me in a debate… You had also erased my replies calling them as false and nonsense… After being squeezed further by me you simply wrote give me 3 yrs I am very busy and am learning Once I am ready i will show you the power of Maha Pasupatastra, which i had called was nothing better than a weak broken twig, which blew away with a mere gush of wind of Ultimate Truth of Vaishnavism…

    So now after 5 yrs I ask you are you ready for a debate? I have given you 2 yrs extra… I see your concoctions have only grown worst. NarayanAstra did a wonderful job debunking all your arguments and yet instead of having scholarly exchange of views based on the merit of scriptures 1 sees you resorting to empty rhetoric and when the going gets really tough for you and you are being squeezed hard, where you run the risk of being exposed you do your classical thing… run and take cover… delete ppl’s comment or wrongly edit them, which needless to say is a punishable offence under IPC and is monitored by cyber crime cell in India.

    So here it is you gave the guts lets engage in a debate once again… only this time we will both choose a neutral forum agreeable to both and lets see where that goes… However if anyone goes and reads Narayan Astra he has done a wonderful job. Let me say this by being foolish you only insult my dear Lord Shiva and cause him great greef because of your action. Hope sense prevails…

    My 2 cents…

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      What was your name those days? Are you one of the two humble bhagavatas or different from them? I recollect only those “debates” which you had somewhere with someone else, and if my memory serves me right you were either copy pasting narayanastra blog’s material or were one of them in this fake profile. The phrase “nothing better than a weak broken twig” was said by those bloggers and not by anyone else. So, here it creates a doubt about your identity being with one of them. Whatever comments were deleted form my blog, are available on their blog. I don’t see yours anywhere listed. If you are one of them, identify yourself properly.

      Whatever you may be – I would give two rats’ asses to your scholarship and (even to your or your fav bloggers’) and would just laugh and leave you at that state alone. Not sure why such a simple logic doesn’t enter your mind but let me try to explain – A person who would be weak and have fear of getting defeated, wouldn’t dare to run the blog any further. He/She would simply stop and hide away. I do not even hide my original name, what to talk about anything else? I haven’t even stopped writing, and my future articles would inflict more and more pain to the shiva-haters, including you (if you still would choose to continue as a reader). Just keep reading my articles….and you may enjoy your imaginary stories of victory as you please! 🙂 No human who eats food would consider me a coward, I am not sure of them who eat filth though. You won’t see what’s truth and would blindly follow the other bloggers. All the truths revealed in my writings won’t enter your mind, and won’t be accepted. But you still think I can be defeated and have the audacity to challenge me. First you and your likes would need 100 more janmas of vishnu bhakti to even be able to understand basics of shiva-tatwam, then in 101st janma let’s reevaluate the possibility of debate. By that time I would have enough time to write all articles which I actually have desired to write, which would inflict enough pain in the hind-side of all the shiva-hating-people to make their eyes be able to accept the greatness of lord shiva automatically with remorse. Till then I have no time for debates no time to even read your nonsense further. Just remember please – My pen won’t cease, yes delays are becoming unavoidable still in my life due to preoccupations.

      You may think whatever you want about yourself or about myself, but truth is evident – neutral readers would see who is writing rationally correlated articles and who are twisting the truths by way of – forceful etymology, out of context correlations, citing their purvacharyas (who were equally cunning while discussing lord shiva, hence obviously citing purvacharyas saying ‘we stick to sampradaya’ is an easy task), and discarding outright the puranas whose stories they cannot face…etc.

      So, the very fact that I have not trashed your this comment and am replying to this – is a testimony of my bravery. On the contrary your friends (the narayanastra bloggers), are reported to be notorious of never publishing any comment which challenges their beliefs (few people reported to me about such instances saying their comments were not published by them – such reports still come once in a while to me, but I don’t take them with surprise). I don’t take this as surprising because I have always known that in internet there would always be mixed reactions and comments from readers, for any blog you may see that would be the case, not just ours. But you look at narayanastra blog, most comments are only “praises” or the ones which are pro-vaishavite and are questions which need vaishnavite answers. Even the “praises” come form “anonymous” posters indicating even the possibility of them being posted by the authors themselves. LOL. So, there goes the “honesty” of yours and our friends :-). I have no fear whatever you and the world might form an impression about myself!….Go! form impressions! ..!..

      //delete ppl’s comment or wrongly edit them, which needless to say is a punishable offence under IPC and is monitored by cyber crime cell in India.//
      LMAO. You are teaching me the rules? I know better than you about these. I had taught those rules to your friends long back. Well, there is no instance where I had edited any comment from someone.

      Well, I don’t remember asking any “time” from YOU. I had told the narayanastra bloggers that in a matter of few years I would answer their queries, which I have already done for most of the ones which made sense to answer – Proving shiva as parabrahman, proving vinayaka as worship able, proving matrikas (and shakti) worship as acceptable, agni-linga story of shiva purana as very much valid and a fact a yoga rahasya hence truth therefore falsifying their claims that such stories are tamasik… Etc…
      I had neither asked you of any boons of 3 years nor you had ever given me, why are you lying? Unless you are one of those bloggers you cannot make such claims. Moreover you are speaking those words which were spoken by them this makes it clear that you are their fake profile. Nevertheless I think I have duly answered your questions. In summary – I have already proven what I had promised to prove (only thing is I didn’t use word by word what they asked me to but I did in my own style), I won’t waste time in debates but will make sure that I spend quality time in articles and one day all your acharyas’s souls in whatever abodes they might be, would cry seeing their pet theories proven useless, and their cunningness exposed by me.

      Enough talked. Thanks and Namaste!

  14. Subhodeep Thakur

    Good Joke!!!
    I didn’t knew Shaivites are jokers also!

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      On a lighter note – Yes, when vaishnavites are clowns shaivites too need to wear the costume of jokers. After all both do the same business of entertainment.

      Now, on a serious note – What was so funny here that it made you consider it a joke? When people cannot face reality, they tend to push it aside calling it a ‘joke’ just for ego-appeasement. I can understand your situation and empathize with you.

      1. Madhavan

        Haasya Rasam is good.That’s what you are doing by presenting invalid arguments about scriptures but your jokes are bad.

        1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

          Obviously for you kind of shiva haters these *jokes* would be in bad taste. That’s already given. What’s the need to affirm again?

          1. Madhavan

            Level of your ignorance is astonishing.The way you tag everybody ‘A Shiva hater ‘ is laughable. Please don’t do it.You have proved yourself to be an ocean of ignorance.

          2. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

            And shall i tell you something? I care two rats ass for your opinions either. Pls don’t rant your frustration here, pls vent it elsewhere where you would find likeminded people. Namaste.

      2. Subho Deep Thakur

        I don’t bother your Zakir Naik kind of attitude! Get a life dude…… Mr.Shiva bhakta……..You don’t have to empathize with me Mr. Joke. You don’t have a backbone to debate with genuine authorities like HBB. I didn’t know sanskrit and then you act as if you have a victory…
        I have faced realty…. and you need at least 10 more births to face it…. but its not your fault after all coz thats what religion does….
        And regarding your articles… its all your speculations then you overlook main points in Shankara Bhasya. In contrast, I can understand your situation. I know something about Tamil Nadu and I know that what Jains and Vaishnavas had to face because of your Ishwara bhakti…….

        And Mr.Burbak can you please stop calling every Vaishnava as a shiva hater…..

        ” I won’t waste time in debates but will make sure that I spend quality time in articles and one day all your acharyas’s souls in whatever abodes they might be, would cry seeing their pet theories proven useless, and their cunningness exposed by me.”
        In contrast, Swami Vivekananda himself paid respect to Ramanuja and Caitanya. I know that you are greater than him also……

        And cry for what for telling Vishnu as lord of Shiva. Are you sure you parents are hindus and not of Islamic origin!

        1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

          I forgive you for all the nonsense you spoke, but the last line is not palatable to me. You need not bring my parents into discussion. if you are angry on me, you should talk about me not my parents. i am still being civil with you and informing you that you have crossed the line – Therefore, you are being banned from posting any further trash on this platform. Bye!

  15. Madhavan

    This was expected from you anyways.Just like you I don’t care two shits about opinion either.For your information I wasn’t ranting my frustration rather your blog is the greatest stress buster.I have ever witnessed.Ramanuja charanau charanam prapathye.

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      Ah. Finally you revealed your true face by saluting Ramanuja the one who spew most of the venom against mahadeva. Fair enough, i appreciate your honesty in not playing hide and seek and revealing your faith.

      Well, Keep reading the posts (even the upcoming ones), time will tell if they would be stress busters or would be stress builders for you Ramanuja brand shiva-drohis. Subscribe if you haven’t yet done, so that you would get your stress builder alerts whenever I post an article. Good luck and bye!

  16. Madhavan

    Ramanuja brand shiva drohis??? Fair enough you spew the venom on Vaishnavas like the wicked kingwho popped out the eyes of a great venerated saint who instead of protecting of his subjects was hell bent in annihilating them just because they weren’t subservient to his ignoramus cult.Funny you call yourself son six mothers and fathers but you have your own personal favorite.! so sad.

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      You have failed to notice that although I consider myself a son of those divine parents including Vishnu and lakshmi, i have problems with their FANATIC devotees alone, and your comments smells fanatism. I don’t have problems with pure hearted vishnu devotees, who do not exist in today’s world anyways. The true vishnu devotees lasted only till dwapara yuga it seems. In kaliyuga, neither the alwars, nor the ramanuja nor any other vaishnavite-brand acharyas had ever shown vishnu bhakti without spewing venon against Mahadeva. So, I have all rights to be disappointed by them and their followers. They were all idiots, who gained unnecessary fan following from much more idiots that’s it. In Mahabharata, in Puranas, in Vedas, and in Ramayana nowhere Shiva was looked down upon. Only these fellows who proclaimed themselves to be some divine icnarnations, and duped the masses had cooked up false interpretations and called shiva as subordinate.

      Look here – You people are fond of satwika puranas. So, here is one – Narada Purana is categorized among the list of “satwika” puranas. Here the very Lord Vishnu himself gives guidelines of who are to be considered bhAgavatottama-s. The list was very lengthy, I am quoting only few noteworthy verses to you so that you could understand what is teh problem with the vaishnavas of kaliyuga. Translation is not necessary as anyone with basic knowledge of sanskrit should be able to understand what these verses say.

      [Verses below are spoken by Vishnu]:

      शिवाप्रियाः शिवासक्ताः शिवपादार्च्चने रताः |
      त्रिपुण्ड्रधारिणो ये च ते वै भागवतोत्तमाः
      || nArada purANa_१,५.६८ ||
      व्याहरन्ति च नामानि हरेः शम्भोर्महात्मनः |
      रुद्राक्षालङ्कृता ये च ते वै भागवतोत्तमाः || nArada purANa_१,५.६९ ||
      ये यजन्ति महादेवं ऋतुभिर्बहुदक्षिणैः |
      हरिं वा परया भक्त्या ते वै भागवतोत्तमाः || nArada purANa_१,५.७० ||
      विदितानि च शास्त्राणि परार्थं ग्रवदन्ति ये |
      सर्वत्र गुणभाजो ये ते वै भागवताः स्मृताः || nArada purANa_१,५.७१ ||
      शिवे च परमेशे च विष्णौ च परमात्मनि |
      समबुद्ध्या प्रवर्त्तन्ते ते वै भागवताः स्मृताः
      || nArada purANa_१,५.७२ ||
      शिवाग्रिकार्यनिरताः पञ्चाक्षरजपे रताः |
      शिवध्यानरता ये च ते वै भागवतोत्तमाः
      || nArada purANa_१,५.७३ ||

      Now, you only reflect upon your kaliyugi-acharyas and their teachings and see if they fit in the guidelines given by Hari here or not. Are you people allowed to apply bhasma, wear rudraksha, chant panchakshari, respect Shiva as lord (and not like a useless JIVA who is called best vaishnava but still considered not worth a penny)?… It’s not me who has to answer, for 1000s of years those so called ahcaryas have damaged the fabric of true sanatana dharma. It’s they who are answerable for their wrong doings. I’m only trying to stitch the damages. I don’t need to give this much of clarification, time is the greatest teacher. It will tell what is righta nd what is wrong. Finally, I repeat, I have all rights to be angry on them and their followers. Thanks!

      P.S:- I’m not sure about yours but our discussion is simply wasting my time and energy. We both know that we have serious differences and hence cannot agree on any point, then what’s the point in discussing any further? Can we both mind our own businesses pls?

      1. Karthick

        Nice quote from Narada Purana. Also Narada Purana declares Linga Purana as the greater than all other Puranas and also being the essence of the three worlds (Narada Purana Chapter 102, Sloka 4).

        1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

          Thanks for the reference, it is interesting to read this. Will go through that chapter. Thanks again for sharing.

          1. Karthick

            No problem. Jai Mahadeva.

    2. S K

      In Sep 2017 this gentleman is bringing up a false story from centuries back. Apparently a Chola king asked one of the Alwans to submit to lord Siva and the Alwan replied with Sanskrit word-play and the infuriated king had his eyes put out. This of course never happened. Proponents of “hate lite” like Dushyant sridhar trot out these stories also. It is beyond belief how much hate permeates Iyengars even today all the way up to the top.

  17. Vikram Srinivasan


    .” I don’t have problems with pure hearted vishnu devotees, who do not exist in today’s world anyways”

    Hmm. My dear friend Somaiya jeeyulu, the true Shiva devotees were “Kannappa Nayanar” who gave his eyes for shiva Linga.

    There is no use in generalizing devotees. Our elders both sides were not idiots. You are such a learned person and I as a devotee of Vishnu & your friend wish higher language from you.

    Please don’t resort to devotee critisms even Shiva won’t like it.

    BhAgavatha apachAram will lead to huge negativity es for your spiritual growth.

    Shiva is never looked down upon don’t worry I endorse it. My poorvAchAryan Srimath Thirukkudandhai Andavan Swamy also endorsed it

    Shiva is Bhu Swaroopam

    The only difference is Narayana is Parabrahman

    As a SriVaishnavite you can expect the aame from me

    Hope you remember me

    A small Vishnu devotee

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      Namaste dear friend Vikaram ji,

      Every rule has an exception, but the generalizations are spoken keeping the largest segment in mind. You are an exception that is fine. Pls read the comment to madhavan again, i have added few verrses from narada purana (a satwika purana by definition of some), a true vaishnava (bhagavata) has to follow those guidelines also as given by Sri Hari himself.

      The world has changed a lot my friend. So, you might be one exception but the majority doesn’t even have humility to take shiva’s name respectfully. Why go till that extent, the majority of vaishnavites I face, don’t remain gentle, they come with full of pride, they come to mock, to scold, and to stir heated debates only; have never found any vaishnava opening up conversations with me with friendliness, gentleness so far (again you are not counted here). So, I am not wrong to be rude with such people.

    2. Madhavan

      Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

      Dear Vikram ji

      You must have read adiyen’s comment previously.If you feel adiyen’s views are not suitable please feel free to comment.As a Vaishnavite we don’t require the mercy of any other lord . I mean they can fabricate every story to suit their beliefs when we do it these people get crazy? This my friend is lunacy.

      1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

        LOL, Which sect fabricated and interpolated scriptures is well known to the world, these “all is well” assurance would help you (and your likes) only to temporarily satisfy your ego and helps a a feel good factor giving false assurance that problem is at the other side. World knows the truth, but nobody tries to oppose vaishnavas because they know that they are incorrigible and would never try to understand the other side of the story. Hence *fear of vaishnavas* has stopped good people from even giving constructive criticism to vaishnavites.

        //As a Vaishnavite we don’t require the mercy of any other lord .//

        Actually people should have taught this to help the monkey like mind to have a single point devotion so that things remain simple and we can focus on one god with devotion. But the vaishnavites have taken this concept wrongly, they thought other god forms are inferior. That is actually not so. You can have one ishta-devata and still worship others also. In a family you might be more attached to your mother, but that doesn’t stop you from touching feet of your father, or elder brother on select occasions at least. God’s all forms are venerable and parent figures for us, I am not sure how can someone teach “we don’t need the mercy of any other lord”? In a society itself you need mercy of your neighbous, your association, you teachers, your boss, your wife, and in old age your kinds also. Then being such a puny jivas, how can we move our face away from other godheads? That shiva kept the poison in his throat, neitehr gulped inside nor spat outside for so many yugas now, hence you and me are safe and discussing all these, have bare minimum courtesy to thank him for his mercy on the world. That same shiva is in his ashtamurty forms present as earth, air, water, sky, fire, ego, manas and intellect, it is on his mercy that we are breathing air, drinking water, sleeping on beds, etc., and still we say we don’t need his mercy? Come on! There should be some limit to hatred as well. If you ask me, I pray to Vishnu also. That concept of single point devotion has failed in its purpose and has created fanatics instead of devotees.

        P.S:- I know your this post was addressed to Vikram ji, but I wanted to put my above thoughts, hence posted.

  18. Madhavan

    An Acharya is way too important in our tradition.Disrespecting Guru of Vaidika traditions is the greatest sin.You talk as if you are the greatest devotee of Shiva which is certainly isn’t the case.You like shiva very much so be it we Vaishnavas don’t have a problem.We don’t witch hunt Shaivas neither did our acharyas profess such a way. the best way to prove everything is through debate. Shaivas have an obsessive need to prove that you are right. Sasthras never lie. Sastras are not children who take pleasure in confusing us.Reality is unanimous. Reality is one. Concrete evidence can only be seen in authentic Puranas.To be precise Vaishnavas have all right to be angry with Shaivas for what they did to them just because they did not conform to their beliefs It’s like saying ‘We breath air due to the mercy Parameshwara we will strangle everybody who is not submissive to Parameshwara’ This ,gentlemen is called first rate,unadulterated fanaticism. You really are a clown.

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      Tradition? Do you know when did the fanatic tradition begin? It began in kaliyuga by the forceful imposition of vaishnavism. Shastras are VERY CLEAR, they either suggest abheda between hari and hara or suggest their supremacy separately in separate sections. Nowhere Shiva is called a “jiva” in puranas or elsewhere. Who ave license to those *Acharyas* to give such labels to shiva? Mahabharata, puranas and vedas state that “shiva ninda is the highest sin”. But these *acharyas* you are fond of, they themselves propagated shiva ninda. I need not ask you to dig oldest works of theirs, internet is flooded with anti-shiva websites, you will surely get tons of material hating shiva. In the entire internet shiva supporting blogs/websites you would find not more than a single digit number. – This itself prove sthat if this is the case today, the same was the case centuries ago also. You have many number of prominent names among vaishnavite acharyas who wrote anti-shiva books, but pro-shiva acharyas ? Only handful, only appaiyya dikshita’s name comes to the forefront for most of us. We’ll ahev to think deep to find other names, but you ask to name anti-shiva acharyas, need not think even for a split second, the list can be prepared.

      You cannot decide what is “authentic” puranas based on the whims and fancies taught by your acharyas. There is nothing tamasika/rajasika etc., puranas are authentic. It is your acharyas who couldn’t face realities given in shiva related puranas hence branded them as tamasik. I am hell against such labelling. The so called satwika purana narada purana verses I have already given as example which teach us how a bhagavata should be. But neither you nor your acharyas woudl ever recomment such sections for a reading as well.

      Bigotry is in the veins of anti-shiva acharyas and their tarditions. I agree acharyas are very important in our Hindu tradition, but I cannot agree considering such bigots as acharyas. So, their words are not authoritative for me.

      lastly, the world knows that “fanaticism” and “vaishnavism” are just twin brothers, two sides of the same coin. Whatever no. of times you may call me fanatic, that would only help satisfy your ego but the world would laugh, because that word is only applicable for vaishnavism. So, who is a clown and who is not, time will tell.

    2. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      Anyway, there is no use discussing and accusing each side by the other as already the debates were set into motion by AchArya-s of both sides. So it is of no use you pointing finger at me and I doing the same with you also. We just need to take sides. You may side with the Narayan Astra team that would help feel at home. What is the use of these discussions here? So as previously also said, let’s respect each other’s time and agree to disagree.

  19. Karthick

    Do you know if this verse exists in Narada Pancharatra and do you have the reference?

    I have heard of the below verse quoted from Narada Pancharatra:

    Shivo Harirhariha Shakshatchiva Eva Nirupitaha |
    Shivadveshi Haridrohi Vishnum Nityam Bhajanapi ||

    ‘Shiva is Hari and Hari is none other than Shiva. An enemy of Shiva is an enemy of Hari, even though he may daily worship Vishnu.’

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      I haven’t read narada pancharatna however same concept is said in several places in shiva purana, Skanda purana, lingabpurana etc every shiva related purana tells same thing.

  20. Madhavan

    Haha! come again?? what? There is no point in arguing to a person who says Bhagavad Gita was narrated by Shiva. Wait did Vaishnavas witch hunt Shaivas…..??? No. did Shaivas did the same to Vaishnavites. conveniently putting blame on others is an art which everyone should learn from you.

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      OK. Yes, you turned a blind eye to Hari’s words of bhagavatottama-lakshanas, and your acharyas too condemn shiva bhakti which goes totally opposite to what Vishnu said in narada purana. Who is a bigot here? Clearly you vaishnavas. I did not cook up any story like your acharyas, the Bhagavad Gita analysis is totally backed with logic and evidences too. I know a vaishnava would not get convinced because he/she remains blindfolded and brainwashed. However, the others would agree to that article.
      Whatever you may say, the world knows vaishnavas as bigots, that won’t change. you people remain in your own circles and admire each other’s works that doesn’t mean world is just your circles. Vaishnavism = bigotry = fanaticism. this is the proven equation – whether you accept or not, truth remains this!

      I don’t wish to prolong this any further. This is the last post on this topic!

      1. Madhavan

        You have not answered my question still. I know you don’t have any keep blabbering who cares bye!

        1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

          Bye Bye

  21. supravat mohanty

    linga literally means phallus, erect dick/cock, and the platform on which the shaft is fixed is called yoni! yoni literally means vagina/vulva. why don’t you shaivas and shaktas worship Viagra as well?

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      “mohanty kaaro naahanty”.
      OK so even if I for a second consider these terms as you say, then so they are not filthy organs. You don’t pee with your organ for 2 days and you would land in ICU. And you were born from the other organ only. So even with those meanings aren’t those organs worshipable? The only organs which has the great power to imitate Lord brahma and create pinDANDa-s while brahma creates brahmanda. Not sure why you kind of people have such lowly and filthy thoughts about the organs? The entire sex is a Yana as per scriptures. It is a sacred thing and idiots like you use it for creating slings, and jokes.

  22. Kāmakalā Bhațțācārya

    Vaişņavas accusing Śaivas and Śāktas to be fanatics, this truly is Kaliyuga!
    Ignorance is when people who consider Mahākālī inferior to Hari tag us as puritanical, despite our act of reverence of Mahāvişņu as Sadcidānańda Brahman and of the same nature as Bhagavatī and Mahādeva.

    May a single blade of grass once again humble the haughty ones, who know not that Umā Hemavatī.

  23. Vijay Vittal

    I don’t Care About That Blog. But don’t Comment on our Acharya Madhwa. You don’t know anything About Him. Madhwa’s Followers Achieved a lot. Purandara dasa is “Father of Carnatic Music ” Purandara dasa introduced Mayamalava Gowla Raga , Saralivarisai, Alankara etc. Purandara dasa is None other Than Sage Narada. Raghavendra swami is Most Famous saint in South india Even a Lot of Shaivas and Advaitins worships Him. Also he Gave Darshan To SIR Thamos Munro. Vijayeendra Theertha defeated Appaya dikshita and he also defeated Many advaita scholars. Jaya Theertha , Vadiraja Theertha, Ragothama Theertha They all are Greatest Saints. They have Performed lot of Miracles. Vyasaraja Theertha Saved King Krishnadevaraya From Sarpa Dosha also he Performed Pooja To Lord Venkateshwara. For 13 Years and He installed 730 Hanuman idols in south india. He is Considered as an incarnation of Prahalada By Madhwas. Gopala dasa, Kanaka dasa, Vijaya dasa, They all Are “Sangita Vidwans” Purandara dasa lived only For 80 Years but he Composed 4.75 lakhs Keerthanas This was The Big achievement by Him and They all are Proud Followers of Madhwacharya. You don’t know anything about Madhwacharya. So don’t comment with Half knowledge.

    1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula (षण्मातुरः) (Post author)

      I have respect for the good deeds done by even the enemies. What to say about Purandara dasa’s keertanas? I never talked bad about them, did I?
      But having said that, every human has a good and a bad side. Does the good side make us stop condemning the bad side? Even madhwacharya did several great deeds, for which I may respect him, but I can’t accept blindly everything that they had done wrong as correct.
      What half knowledge? Even a month back in Udupi, the Madhwas have changed the name of “Sri ananteshwara temple” of lord shiva as “Sri anantaasana swami” and claimed it is a vishnu temple and the linga is vishnu linga. That Temple of shiva was traditionally worshipped by shivalli-brahmins for ages and now that ahs been rebranded as vishnu temple now.
      Now would you talk about respecting such heinous act?


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