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Sunday, September 18, 2022

ĀGNEYĀSTRAṂ: Setting the ‘Khāṇḍava’ forest ablaze!

Namaste All,

Presenting my first book on this great shAstra called Mahabharata (MBH). This book focuses on certain crucial misconceptions and distortions by Academic scholars and refutes them with evidences. 

It is not a sectarian work hence I invite all the Hindus including them who don't like me much, to forget all the hostilities and unite for the common cause of protecting the great gem of a gift given by our revered Guru, Bhagavan Sri Veda Vyasa! I am not looking forward to doing mass advertising, I don't aspire for mass sales either. All I want is to let this reach only the genuine Astika-s, who believe in Traditional teaching and who have respect for Vyasa. Hence, please spread the word in your circles of genuine Astika-s only.

Interested people may check it out description and buy link are posted below. Thank you. 

Book Description:

This book is a ‘Refutational Commentary’, primarily focused on defending Mahābhārata! There are certain things wrong in the world of academic studies of Hindu scriptures, perpetrated by the giants of high influence, and proliferated by the people with agendas. Innocents get misguided in the end. In this work, such topics are dealt which need someone to call a spade a spade. This work will follow the traditional ‘pūrvapakṣa’ and ‘siddhānta’ model of ‘refutational commentary’. 

The wrongs perpetrated by the distorters of the epic, cannot be undone since one doesn't have the ability to time-travel. But now our responsibility is to protect the gullible upcoming generations of readers from falling into their trap and getting misguided. So far there hasn’t been any defense on Mahābhārata from the ‘Traditional’ side regarding the attacks that were made. Hence, this work offers a ‘defense’ to the Traditional meaning In this book, using the right meanings, referring to the Saṃskṛta text, and supported by the power of traditional explanations as learnt from various discourses of greatest traditional teachers, together with learnings of other scriptures, the attempt has been made to dispel the dark clouds created by the modern thinkers. It would be shown that there is no room for fanciful imaginations, and colorful reinterpretations. 

Watching the – ‘duranvaya-s’, and ‘dūrānvaya-s’ for years had finally inspired the author from within to clarify the misunderstood topics with traditional explanation. It was also felt necessary to address some popular misconceptions and misinterpretations around the other areas of Hinduism which aren’t strictly related to Mahābhārata. Therefore, in this work, though the major focus would be on Mahābhārata, very few chapters would go beyond to other topics as well. 

Book buy link:

ĀGNEYĀSTRAṂ: Setting the ‘Khāṇḍava’ forest ablaze!

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