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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Shiva Gita Bhashyam by Sri Abhinava Nrisimha Bharati (1600 - 1623) of Sringeri

Dear Readers and Devotees of Uma-Maheshwara!

I wish you all a very happy Shiva Ratri. Today is such a great festival yet I could not devote any time to write anything detailing Shiva-tatwam. However, I have a good news to share with you all.

“Sri Abhinava Nrisimha Bharati Swami” who was the pointiff (1600-1623) of Sringeri Advaita Mutt, had written a Bhashya (commentary) on Srimad Shiva Gita, and gave that to the then monarch of Mysore. I was told that Sringeri Peetham’s publishers have published the latest version of that Bhashyam recently. You all might have already read the running translation of Shiva Gita here in my works, but that has no commentary, whereas this book by Sringeri publishers would surely be a masterpiece because it is penned by no common man like me, rather it is written by the Acharya of Shankara lineage himself; hence that book is worth reading. I believe, that book which is published by such an established Mutt would surely be worth its weight in radium. Therefore, the interested readers may approach them (via their ‘contact us’ page) and may order that grand work.

Here in the below link you may read the story of Sri Abhinava Nrisimha Bharati Swami and other brief history of his life and works.


Shiva Ratri

May the dark night of ignorance get dispelled by the light of Brahmagyanam through the Agni-Linga of lord Shiva which manifests when Lingodbhava happens on Shiva-Ratri

|| namaḥ śivāya | namaḥ tripurasundaryai ||