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Sita-Rama Tatwam – A Replica of Shiva-Shakti Tatwam

Download article as PDF This is a kind of Advaita post where I would try to show the oneness of Sita-Rama and Shiva-Shakti based on Vedas, Upanishads, and Ramayana kind of scriptures. The idea behind this thread is to explain…
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Tatwam Behind Rudra Deriving Strength From Vishnu (Rig Veda 7.40.5)

Download article as PDF ALLEGATION: “Shiva Derives Power From Vishnu”. BASIS: The basis of the above allegation is the following verse from Rig Veda. “asya devasya mīḷhuṣo vayā viṣṇoreṣasya prabhṛthe havirbhiḥ |vide hi rudro rudriyaṃ mahitvaṃ yāsiṣṭaṃ vartiraśvināvirāvat |” (Rig…
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Maha-Narayanopanishad – A Scripture Which Glorifies Lord Shiva – PART I

Download article as PDF FOREWORD: It has been observed on internet forums/sites that many people have a misconception on MahaNarayanopanishad. Many people have an opinion that Maha-Narayanopanishad is a Vaishnava Upanishad which glorifies Lord Narayana (Vishnu). Their opinion is most…
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